What is it about rainy days that just make me so tired?

I was just thinking to myself: Gosh, self, I am so tired today. Is it because it is rainy and overcast? Could I possibly be suffering from seasonal adjustment disorder? What should I do?

I suffer the same Fred. Past 2 days slept for like almost 24 hours. Wonderful 'cause it’s the holidays.

I try to drink a lot of coffee and move around as much as possible. Didn’t have it growing up but 5 years in the Bay Area, after leaving there, I’ve got this problem :frowning:

I think it’s time for another fredfest. if you make it on a weekend, I can probably drop by.

either that, or your efforts over in the IP forum are flaggin.

How about a glass of Rioja?

You mean seasonal affective disorder? Get yourself a very bright lamp and stare into it for 20 minutes. Jump on your exercise bike, and get a workout. Then get out and go for a walk. Works for me. :idunno:

Perhaps, you are right. I have three options in mind…

Always, it is on a weekend barring the No. 1 time which was on a Wednesday. I learned from my mistake and that has never happened except on a Saturday again.

Go read my most recent post to the global warming thread. I think that you will find it supremely amusing.

How about the whole bottle?

[quote=“fred smith”]

How about the whole bottle?[/quote]

few more hours at work, and I’m in. Rioja, Absinthe, Polish Vodka, and not necessarily in that order. :slight_smile:

I am heading over to this restaurant called Carnegie’s in about 15 minutes for lunch? Is it any good? I heard the manager is a bit of an asswipe but other than that? Is the food good? service okay?

The caesar salad didn’t have caesars in it. And watch the Greek salad. Gave me seasonal affective disorder.

Well, I had the chef’s salad and there were no chefs in it. I demanded my money back but the general manager, this guy called Bob Marshall, said I couldn’t. So I asked for the chefs that I had ordered but he said if he gave them to me he would have to (groan) “let us” all have them. It put me in a real pickle. I told him I had a beef with that but he kept egging me on like the ham that he is. Rest assured, however, I gave him a real dressing down.

Kiss a Liberal?

And about the coffee advice above, I find that a lot of caffeine makes me more tired in the long run.

Rainy and overcast? Bloody hell, I don’t know what you’re going on about. Twas another spectacular sunny day in London, sunny and warm. :sunglasses:

Perhaps, you are right. I have three options in mind…[/quote]

How about this one?

I may stop by there tomorrow for a tankard of Guinness, some Wild Mushroom & Chestnut Soup with Truffles, perhaps the Foie Gras Terrine with Smoked Duck, Rillettes & Elderflower Jelly, the Highland Venison Loin with Caramelised Pear, Walnut Chicory & Stilton Relish, a Warm Pear & Almond Tart with Mascarpone Ice Cream, and some Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton with Celery, Apples & Biscuits.

I’ll be thinking of you freddie.

ta ta.



:loco: :whistle:


:loco: :whistle:[/quote]

Actually, Namma, that is one of the treatments for S.A.D. The light doesn’t burn anything, but it is bright, and simulates the light of the sun. You’re not supposed to look directly into it, but face it. I set mine up on my night stand and read by it.

[url=http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/seasonal-affective-disorder/MH00023]In light therapy, you sit with your eyes open in front of a light box — a small, portable device that contains fluorescent bulbs or tubes. The light box emits a type and intensity of light that isn’t found in normal household lighting, so simply sitting in front of a lamp in your living room won’t relieve the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. Light therapy mimics outdoor light and causes a biochemical change in your brain that lifts your mood, relieving symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.

Light therapy, also called bright light therapy or phototherapy, has been used to treat seasonal affective disorder since the early 1980s. Many mental health professionals now consider light therapy to be standard treatment for seasonal affective disorder.[/url]

Yea, but you’re assuming dear freddie is in fact suffering from Seasonal Adjustment Disorder. I believe P.M.S. is more likely.

I look at Mother Theresa’s avatar, then I look at MT’s username.

hmm. That is just wrong.

Have a gay old time in London!

Gay old time? San Francisco was last month. This is the city of palaces and dungeons and cathedrals. Today (in 5 hours, when the city wakes up), I believe I’m heading over to the Tower of London, to see where Henry VIII had two of his wives executed, and Richard III had his 10 and 12 year-old nephews murdered, and Sir Thomas Moore was beheaded, and so forth. Nothing gay about that. But I don’t want to steal the limelight from fred. I believe we were discussing what to do about his menstrual symptoms.

5pm, I’m thinking about heading out and lo-and-behold, the heavens just took a piss :fume: This is K-I-L-L-I-N-G me! :help:

Another rainy day and no one cares. MT is in a nice restaurant eating delectables while teasing me about being SAD about having PMS. See it really IS true. Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and the rest of the world just heaps abuse on you. Sniff Sniff. And I thought you cared. Wah Wah Wah.

Chamomile tea, as everyone knows, is the only route out of crushing psychological difficulties, fred.

A whole week overcast and rain they said … I’m going to kill myself … I’m becoming a depressed Belgian …