What is it actually like to become Taiwanese?

As is Guinness but sure what would the furriners know anyway.

And Bushmills head distiller is a Catholic. The lines are blurred these days and that’s a good thing, no?

I am slowly finding out that almost everything in this world is just made up in peoples heads, lol

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Yip–I do have a soft spot for Armenian brandy.

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Why all this discussion about Ireland Canada Italy USA…? go another thread.

I think some of you are on the turps.

@ranlee @slawa @tempogain can someone clean out all the things that have nothing about becoming Taiwanese.


The lines were always blurred, thats the thing. Something that Taiwan has in parallel with Ireland. Like mirror images on opposite sides of the globe.

Trust @ChewDawg to map it out with the bottle arrangement though, transfer flights in Armenia :grin:

I thought that was from China :cn:

One thing that they have in common surely is the trend of Families in the Oireachtas. :laughing:

I thought Hollywood was inherited in terms of passing roles within the Family. But surely Ireland and Taiwan top that in politics?

With a pitstop in Nouvelle Aquitaine for some Armagnac (partially hidden in picture).

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Lol, I actually have a friend at home who became a politican because his father was a politician. He inherited the family seat.

Also similar in terms of political identity. Although changing slightly, it, like Taiwan has a Civil War dynamic that is still evident in politics and voring patterns generations later. I remember having a drink with a lass and made the mistake of saying something nice about Fine Gael and Michael Collins (she was FF). Shit, that ended the conversation vibe pretty quick. Around100 years later, people still often vote along family lines from the different sides.

I believe that’s a fair point but it’s really just a bit of banter and discourse and also as @comfy123 stated, a certain individual of Irish origin, that not being me or you, went off on a rant making it all about himself when he was not even mentioned and in fact was ignored altogether.

Narcissism is a wonderful thing. Anyway this thread is about being Taiwanese, not a wannabe Taiwanese or a wannabe American it’s about people who make sturdy choices to change their lives.

I’ve done the whole nine yards. Renounce, wait for naturalization several months later, allowed to resume citizenship a decade later but I was in such rush I waited several more years after that. I am happy @justintaiwan @comfy123 and others can renounce and resume citizenship.

I am also happy for those who cannot renounce and resume yet still naturalize here. I have great empathy for them.

@comfy123 holds the record, renounce and resume in 8 days.


We have to get drunk immediately.

I think people have gotten over that except up North where it can still be touchy. I have a friend from Midleton - where they make Jameson - who is protestant with the surname of ‘England’ lol. She would go quiet and roll her eyes every time someone said her name. :joy:

But yea very similar dynamic to Taiwan.

I have family in Nouvelle Aquitane too. Perigord

My wife and kid live in Perigueux. Worked there for three years and passed on residency rights to them.

Small world: my nieces spend time in Perigueux with their French grandparents: my sister married a guy from there. When I think of the town - I have never actually been there - this song comes into my mind :grin: the pheasants and the Chinese cousins, lol

I’m not Irish :shamrock: Sorry I’m therefore not into getting drunk.


That is a very Taiwanese thing to say.


Ask Joe Biden–he seems to be every nationality! :clown_face: :laughing:

RNC Research on X: “Biden was raised in the Puerto Rican, Greek, Irish, Catholic, Jewish, Italian, Polish, Palestinian, Persian, and Black communities of Delaware. Incredible! https://t.co/O5rX3TYuZi” / X (twitter.com)

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You can’t go around saying things like that in public, man. Do you want to get cancelled?