What is it like to be a conscript in the Air Force?


I don’t really know what to expect since I’ll be drafted at any time now.
Does anyone have any experience in the Air Force as a draftee from more recent years?

What is boot camp like and how long are we to stay in boot camp nowadays? (I keep hearing different things, ranging from 2-3 weeks to 2 months.)
Do we have to shower openly with other draftees?
Do we get really shit meals that makes us take shits all day?
What happens if I can’t understand, read or write Chinese?
Will I get picked on for being ABC by fellow draftees or the sergeant?

People say Air Force is easier than the other two companies. Why?
What exactly are we doing in there on a daily basis?
What was your overall experience like?


I have no idea the answer to your question but I’m just curious why you need to join the services if you’re ABC…


Because he is quite likely a citizen of the R.O.C. ? :ponder:
Dual nationality means twice the privileges but also twice the obligations.


I overstayed because of family and so now I have to do it. Before I found out, I never even thought about the possibility of going in.

But now that I am, I’m just riddled with questions. I’m hoping someone who has been in my position can swoop in and ease my mind… and answer my questions in OP.