What is it like working at a Christian school in Taiwan?

Anyone care to share their experiences?

You would probably not enjoy it if you’re not Christian and especially if you’re on the opposite side of Christian values. They usually have some moral clause, like if you’re seen stripping at the club you can be terminated.

Are you saying you have experience of these schools in Taiwan? It doesn’t seem relevant otherwise.

No but I know a teacher who did and hated it. And other students who went to them. Just giving my input as no one has replied.

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For grade schools, “Christian” usually means “US fundamentalist evangelical Protestant.” The morals clauses have stuff in them about not being gay, wearing suggestive clothing, practicing occultism, etc. There are usually “statements of beliefs” one is required to sign, which go well beyond any of the historic Christian creeds (but the Baptists oppose creeds anyway).