What is "SnowBoarding?

If WaterBoarding is even half as much fun, it’s probably pretty awesome!

Umm, the kind of waterboarding that I know of is not nearly as much fun…it’s an interogation technique that simulates drowning supposedly recently used by the CIA with suspected Al Quaeda prisoners. I think you mean wakeboarding. :wink:

I heard it was from Trinidad :idunno:

Great video.

Don’t make me get out the ironing board.

Somebody slap citizenk with an irony board. :laughing:

Someone needs a sense of humour!

Ok, my bad: I’m slow on the uptake even at the best of times! :notworthy: :laughing: :notworthy:

snowboarders tend to take a well prepared piste and turn it into a mess of small snow mounds of semi-compact snow, paired with the odd icy patch.

Any self-respecting resort should get rid of them.

Alternatively, a shoot on sight policy would work well too.

It’s hard to have a sense of humor ever since liberalism died.

I meant the OP.

I meant the OP.[/quote]
I meant me.

Liberalism died? Bloody Americans.

I am serious, mostly.

A snowboard-free resort is the thing for me.

Snowboarders are homosexuals. Every single one. Its OBVIOUS! Look at the trousers they wear.

The boots they use are goofy too.

You lot are really boarding tonight.

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You’re one too. I can feel it in my widget.

You’re one too. I can feel it in my widget.[/quote]

Work on a Sunday, Mr man of sand? That sucks giant donkey balls.

Whereas skiers, are models of heterosexual virility. I’m picturing Roger Moore, for some reason.

Very Euro - splitting hairs about which way to slide down mountains on sticks is less stupid. :roflmao: