What is Taipei Jewish Center Community?

Hello, Taiwan student here, the lone Jew, it seems in the Kaohsiung Pingtung area. What is this Taipei Jewish Center? Is it affiliated with Rabbi Einhorn or is it a different organization?

An e-mail from them said that there was a recent even where 58 Adults and 38 children attended. Could someone tell us about the event?

I heard the original synagogue under Rabbit Einhorn had a live and let live attitude to Jews and non Jews allowing all to take part. If this is part of an other movement, I’m worried how I and my wife and children would be accepted. They are of course non-Jewish. Please tell us a bit about the community.

Again, any Jews in the Kaohsiung Pingtung area who would like to get together and do a family Shabbat, in Reform or non-denominational sense, please PM me.