What is the "Add foe" function?


Is this to prevent one from seeing a certain user’s posts, or to prevent the user from PMing you, or…? I’m hoping it’s the first. Thanks.

The narratives about Antifa thread

It prevents you from seeing a user’s posts - you still see that there’s a post, but in the display there’s a little line that tells you there’s a post by [X], and you’ve chosen not to see it. (You still see their content if further replies quote them.)

I’m not sure about the PMing point.


Thanks lostinasia. That’s exactly what I was looking for.


In User Control PanelFriends & Foes it says:

Doesn’t affect PMs then.


I just learned about this feature, and it’s already proving to be useful this morning. Ahhh…


We no longer use phpBB. Here on Discourse, the equivalent may be muting users in your Account Preferences (click on your avatar in the upper right corner of this screen and choose the gear :gear: icon)


Do we still have an equivalent function for blocking or hiding posts from specified users? Something that simply hides posts from a user in a thread?

I seem to have figured out how to not have notifications or new threads muted, but I’d like to also have, er, finer detail over what’s muted. Is that still possible?


Click on your avatar in the upper right corner and press the gear :gear: menu. Scroll to the bottom


Oh. That’s only for notifications?


As far as I can tell, yeah. I don’t seem to get them “updated”, but when I look at the thread, still visible. I’ve only found a way to mute threads as a whole, not what we used to call “foes”.


This seems to be the relevant discussion on Discourse.org

My flight is taking off. Will have a closer look over the weekend. Plmk if you find anything relevant we can implement here


Thanks for the link to that discussion. It was … um … rather interesting and philosophical. A lot of the posters in that thread seem to assume an ideal forum state, and I was rather surprised by how many people considered a block-or-mute function simply Wrong. Instead they advocate self-policing, with users encouraging each other to shape up - which seems unrealistic to me, given that different users have different ideas about what constitutes a “good” post. Or they suggest mods use the ban hammer more often, which to me seems a foolish approach - just because I don’t want to read something, doesn’t mean other people don’t want to read it. But I’d still prefer to have the option not to read it.

So no, it looks like Discourse doesn’t allow that. Bummer.


That’s too bad. I liked the Foe feature.


Isn’t muting someone shielding yourself from an unpopular opinion or differing points of view Cannot the foe or muted person sometimes be right? Are we not suppose to share opinions and challenge each other?

I’m always interested in what the enemy says. The mass post lets me understand him without exposing myself or becoming vulnerable.
Unlike facebook, where people can say anything they want unmoderated, doesn’t this forum have a moderator that is supposed to boot people that violate the “community standard” or at least delete offending posts?
My facebook is treated as a family and teaching portal. A few mentions of the “F-word” or a few mutilated puppy pictures (unless shielded by a click to link), you are out of there. I have the strictest standards. But this is a Forum.
I have very narrow interests. How to find things, technical problems and Taiwan life.
Please educate me with some examples that illustrate how the mute feature can be useful to you given the fact that the moderator can boot or delete us at will. He probably can even block certain people from posting topics with keywords if he wants, or at least send it to a probation bin for inspection.
After thought: Can you not just scan over posts from people you don’t like? Can you just not click on the posts you don’t want to read.
This reminds me of my friends back home. I use FreeVPN. VPNs like Google or even skype sometimes doesn’t pass on the caller ID.
My friends won’t pick up! I tell them we don’t have caller ID and they don’t pick up until I remind them. They say, I don’t know who’s calling. I can’t pick up. OMG for years we never had caller id. You either just hang up the phone or get some entertainment playing with a sales person’s mind. WTF are they afraid of. OK. examples please unless you’d like to mute this rant.


If people all wrote the way you did, sure.

But :blush::persevere::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:sum ppl R jst incoherant !!! f****CKwiTs&id rather avoid what they have to say. :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:


(Aw, I’m trying to make this even worse, but the forum software isn’t letting me insert fifty line breaks.)

I’m moderately happy with the current ability to just not see a whole forum, but with what was going on in the “Thoughts on Taiwan” thread last night, man was I missing the “Add foe” function.

People should by and large have the right to say what they want, but I should also have the right to just ignore them. The “Add foe” function made that easier.

But really for me hiding foes / forums is good is for mental health. It avoids me falling into this trap:


Well said, especially the cartoon. Especially the cartoon. To borrow a stupid recurring phrase from an equally stupid but addictive cartoon used to title most of its episodes that I watch with my daughters Mirror “much”? [ _____ much]


Digging this back up, is there a way in this current version of Discourse to ignore a user (prevent user posts from showing up across the whole site)? Cheerio :).


Nope. You can mute notifications from a user in your settings, but that’s it.