What is the best way to find a one bedroom apartment in Taichung?

I was just wondering how most of the teachers who are living in Taichung found their apartments. I am looking for a one bedroom apartment or possibly studio and will be arriving in Taiwan on the 28th of January. I can stay with my Taiwanese girlfriend for a while but her place is pretty small and her parents would kill me if they found out I was staying at her place. I want to find my own place pretty quick cos I nearly got busted last time by her parents and I don’t want to risk it for too long this time. She lives near Feng Jia University so I would preferably like to live not too far from this area. I have looked at websites like tealit and of course this one but they don’t seem to offer many choices especially for one bedroom apartments or studios in Taichung. Obviously my girlfriend can help me find something when I get there but I just wondered whether anyone else had any good advice. I look forward to hearing any suggestions anyone might have. Erick.

[quote=“Erick Morillo”]Obviously my girlfriend can help me find something when I get there…[/quote]That’s the best solution IMO. Most ads. for places are in Chinese, and of course you need a good look at the place before you sign up.

The following websites are great for looking for a place. Somehow they are in Chinese, you may forward them to your girlfriend and have her to look it up for you. There are many places for rent around Fu-Ja area, i think you can find a good one very easily. Good Luck!


Thanks for the website Purelove. I will ask my girlfriend to start searching for me. Cheers, Erick