What is the "bread weight" of my pan?

OK, I’m sure this was covered before but I could not refine my search. I have a Pyrex Glass pan: Pyrex 1.5 qt, 8.5x4.5x2.5 in.

I can’t find what the weight of the loaf would be that fits in this pan. I’m interested in making sandwich bread. Do I even need a bread pan in an other question.

I’ve been making Challah with out a pan for some time. But the dough of the basic white bread seems softer and I guess it may need a pan or else I’m afraid it would just turn into a mass of goop. Please help…

Bread Novice… Taiwan Student.
My Bread Machine’s heating element seems to be broken so I want to move my white bread into the regular oven.

Hi TS, that’s not a great pan for sandwich load, as it is too shallow. Also, most bakers I know of use aluminum loaf pans for sandwich loaves. You can pick one or two up real cheap at the DIY baking supply shops; No need for the type with the sliding top (Pullman). Also, get the ones that are dull silver on the outside. Black ones absorb too much heat and you won’t have a soft crust.

Don’t forget to check your loaf halfway through; if it is browning too early on top (often the case in the smaller ovens here, where the heating element is too close to the top of the loaf) then cover it with foil.

Hi Dragonbones, thanks for the reply. Could you do me a favor. Could you please write the dimensions of the pan, or provide me with the Chinese name?

The people who work in the cookware store here, don’t make bread or more likely don’t understand my English/bad Chinese.

How would you say a 1.5 pound loaf pan anyway. By the way… what would happen if i used a 1.5 pound pan for a recipie calling for 1 lb. Would it bake too small? If I make a 1.5 recipe in a 1 pound pan, would it overflow or just rise higher.

Thanks… Like I said before. I make Challah often but never had made white bread outside the bread machine.

I use a 19cm x 10cm x 11 cm deep pan (roughly an 8" x 4 x 4) for the occasional sandwich loaf. That’s the only size sandwich loaf pan I’ve seen here, though there might be others. You’d ask for a tu3si1de pan2zi, I guess.

I don’t know for sure what weight of bread or dough it’s nominally associated with, 1.5 lbs I guess; I get the feeling the weight terms are kinda like ‘small’, ‘medium’ and ‘large’ – that is, the weight of the dough you put in it would vary with ingredients, hydration levels and desired height, so it wouldn’t be an exact match. You could probably bake 1.25 to 2 lbs in it. Just guessing. (I do almost all my bread baking by feel, without recipes, anyway, and usually bake round boules without a pan, so I don’t know how much the dough I put in it weighs.)

If you underfill the pan, the loaf simply won’t be as high as you like. If you overfill it, It may rise higher if the loaf has good gluten development and surface tension, or it could start spilling over the sides like a mushroom top, I guess. Just give it your best shot and then adjust the next time based on your results. Remember that if it rises too high, in Taiwan’s small ovens that may put the top too near the top element and it could burn, so be ready to cover it with foil after it has peaked in height in the oven.

Rather than overfilling if you end up with a bit too much dough, you can bake that as a small bun on the side, or save and freeze it as prefermented dough, then thaw, chop up and add that to the next batch, which improves flavor.

There’s info on dough weight to various pan sizes here at an excellent forum on baking bread: thefreshloaf.com/node/25553/ … ing-weight.