What is the name of that club?

Hey guys,

I went clubbing with some friends in some place about a year ago. Can’t remember the name. Neither can they.

I think it was near Luxy. It was one or two floors underground, and it was quite big and spacious. Dance floor in the middle, and many booths around the outside next to the wall. Lighting was red/orangey.

I was really drunk, but I had one of the best clubbing experiences ever there. I really need to know the name. Can somebody help me?

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Was it PAUSOL?

PASOUL was my guess too. Tun Hwa S. Road by Chung Hsiao near the Apple accessories store?

I just looked at photos of it on Facebook and it looks WAY bigger than what I remember.

Perhaps I was drunk/hallucinating?

It was probably this:

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Room_of_Re … equirement

Was it the Baby Seal Club?

Mostly Canadians there, I think.

There were two clubs besides Luxy in that area.

One was Hook, which is closed forever.

The other is PaSoul, which I think relocated to the Living Mall (where Muse, Asia, and Cygen 2 are).