What is the name of the main local religion?

Here’s a fun test to perform with your Taiwanese friends, family, and significant others. Ask them what the name of their religion is. For example, if they had to fill out a form that asked that, what would they put down in the blank?

Assuming that they adhere to that religion which predominates here, then you may get a variety of names for it. (My in-laws gave me at least five–and they all follow the same religion!)

If you would be so kind, please report what their answers were–and how they arrived at them (if you can figure this out through follow-ups). No, I’m not trying to be scientific–just wondering how confused people are around here! (Unless perhaps it is the Sinologists who are confused.)

For extra credit, find out

…whether they have a home altar (and if so, what deities are on it)

…whether they worship in temples (and if so, which ones, and which deities)

…whether they wear prayer beads or lucky charms

…what they have dangling from their rear-view mirror (and no, Hello Kitty doesn’t count as a deity!)


Blasphemy! Persecute the unbeliever! :fume:

My wife says she’s suijiao. It’s some sort of joke.