What is the relative humidity in your place

So, I was talking about RH with a friend and after doing some research it seems that my house is usually much more humid what it should be. What a surprise! nah, I knew it and that’s why I run the dehumidifier non stop. However, even doing so it’s still borderline high, or even higher than recommended depending on who you ask.

So, what is the normal humidity level at your place?

  • < 30
  • 30-40
  • 40-50
  • 50-60
  • 60-70
  • 70-80
  • 80+

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You’re not living in a freaking desert. Taiwan’s RH is never below 70% without control, and you can maybe manage 50% on the best of days if you do control it (hint: hot weather helps). In the winter you very rarely go below 60% with control, and that’s dehumidifier running at all times.

By the way if RH is important for you, then lots of AC during the summer, and lots of forced air heating during the winter. Both sucks humidity out like crazy, actually forced air heating can reduce RH to less than 30% if you are not careful, even in Taiwan!

If you have RH sensitive things like musical instruments, keep it in a case with a humidity sucking pack (recharge/reactivate them often, once a day). Or monitor your humidity and use dehumidifier, AC, or heater to keep it in check. Just be careful with forced air heating because too low RH with musical instrument is much worse than too high humidity (worst that can happen with extreme humidity with guitars is maybe you will have domed top, high action, but extremely low humidity will damage instruments).

How on earth would I know?

With dehumidifier and heating I get it down to about 30-40% in winter

There are devices that tell you!

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76% here (Taipei, Zhongzheng district) at the moment, according to my three (cheap) humidity sensors.

100% here

We have two room with constant 90-100% outside currently i run the room with clothes and sleeping 65% 24/7 with my 120watt panasonic Dehumidifer
The other room living room is about 75-85% which sucks… but i dont want to run two energy suckers
When not sleeping the door dividing rooms is open to dry both rooms…last summer was hot shit and now super wet and chilly :yin_yang:
Drying clothes is in bathroom (handwash)with a fan on high then they finish drying in the 65% room

Watchin for mold all the time… but not seeing any thats my cue, see some get two units then push to 50%

Is that a issue? Between outside 90-100 % inside so low does your nose have issues. Thats crazy different.
What wattage are your Dehumidifers or Dehumidifer?

My gf has her kids come sleep with us twice a month and 65% messes both they noses as there home is probably 90% on average no Dehumidifer

My places stay between 40-50% year round with dehumidifiers (250W) set to 45%. If I set them any lower I get nose bleeds and itchy skin in winter.

They definitely work harder when it’s this cold.

Only for a few hours when I first turned on the dehumidifier back in the middle of December, but that is it.

The drier the air, the less cold it feels. So much more economical to spend a lot on dehumidifying than on heating. 30-50% humidity is generally considered most comfortable.

Not sure about wattage, but the dehumidifier generates about 8-10 liters of water most days. Less if I heat more.

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Ok sounds like a stronger unit than mine but i know what im in for using a lower energy draw Dehumidifer.

The dehumidifier I have does not have a setting for different humidity %. It has all on, and a saver setting that only dehumidify to 60%.

Honestly I prefer those where you can dehumidify to a certain % but seems those are more expensive.

And in the winter they really only work in conjunction with heat.

Usually 75 to 95% everywhere i have lived. Controlling ondoor humidity to a low level has always made us suffer.more when leaving the bubble. Best to just acclimate. Everytime i go to north america my skin itches, flakes splits and nose bleeds randomly occur from the dry air. Becore i moved here, i was told i was living in a rainforest. How wrong we were.

It is probably best a person gets accustomed to the local environment rather than changing ones environment to suit their every whim. This explains quite a lot of our air, soil and water contamination. Not a popular choice, but a necesarry one.

I had problems in the US as well from dryness. It actually felt far worse than high humidity. The dryness causes your whole body to be in pain, or uncomfortable. Cracks in the skin ends up turning into wounds, lips felt like it’s been cut in half with a razor blade, etc…

I think around 50-60% is ideal for most people. But higher is not as bad as lower, except for mold growth that may be bad for health. But there could be other ways to deal with those.

100% normal humidity level at your place is very good!


Anything over 60% or under 30% is bad for your home and furnishings.
Luckily that’s where people are most comfortable too.

That’s why I keep my homes right in the middle, 40~50%.



Huh. I had no idea this many people measured the humidity in their home. In our living room the only thing even measuring the temperature is the landline telephone; a couple of the other air conditioners do have a temperature read-out.

Yeah, I was going to point out the same to @Explant. I also got bleeding nose a few times back in my country since my city is very dry, but my place here in Taiwan is humid as fuck and because of that I have recurrent problems of mold and falling/rotten(?) pain, plus some furniture going bad too.

Now I run the dehumidifier pretty much non stop and it’s still difficult to go below 65%, and I don’t live in a palace. During the same time though, my underpowered AC can make the RH go below 50 and even 40% but THB that does feel uncomfortable. I guess I’m used to a more humid than average climate, good for skin and for growing mushrooms on your food, but…