What is there to do in Zhudong and Xinzhu?

Living in this small and frail little Hakkanese town has deadened me :s . it seems that there is nothing to do here. Anyone have any ideas on the possibilities that lie hidden in this little town?
I mean Xinzhu and Zhubei are close (sort of), but then again, what’s there to do in them anyway? It seems that this is the town that little Dorothy would leave given the next opportunity!(We aint in Kansas no more!) :wink:

Go camping in Neiwan:

[Camping in Neiwan

Go camping and hot springing in Taian (or just hot springing in Cingquan (on the 112 road down to Guanwu.

Hike the Syakaro Historic Trail:

taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/ … 2003101473

There probably isn’t that much to do in Zhudong itself but you are well situated to take advantage of Taiwan’s mountainous beauty.

Start exploring your area on scooter. There are endless roads and trails and stunning vistas, waterfalls, hot springs, cold springs and swimming holes that can be yours alone.

The Hsinchu scene is dead. High school clique brats and engineer letches.

Taipei is it, if at all.

I’m pretty convinced all of Taiwan’s nightlife is shit.

Yeah, hscinchu is frail and forgotten. nothing but a bunch of expensive restaurants. I’ve walked the streets after like 12pm, There is no one to be seen anywhere…
What to do, what to do…? :frowning:

What to do, what to do…? :frowning:[/quote]

Get a hobbey that doesn’t involve drinking. Or go to Taipei and party till the morning trains can take you back home. Pretty simple really. And if this is still too burdensome for you - move! :unamused:

having lived in hsinchu it’s true it’s not the most happening place in the world- but the 4Q2 on minzu in town is a good place for beers, food and darts. run by a brummie (nigel) but don’t hold that against the place

[quote=“rosco12”]Now look, lets not all draw our swords.I know I started this rant, but in Hsinchu (Xinzhu)'s defence…

First time I went to 4Q2 was with a Taiwanese local who suggested the place. I’ve been there several times and I’ve made friends with one of the barmen. I don’t think its that bad, yeah its full of engineers who don’t know what to do with themselves, but hey, is there anything else…?[/quote]

Yes: go to Taipei where everything is better.

I was impressed with what I saw in Hsinchu today. Everywhere I would want to go was within walking distance from the train station. I noticed a lot more Thais and Filipino than most other places I’ve been in Taiwan. For those who have lived in Hsinchu what’s a TV pub? And do big noses frequent the Thai and Filipino and maybe Indonesian places?

A TV pub is basically a hostess bar. Some are foreigner-friendly. All are costly.

Good luck with the Thai and Pinoy crowd.

Most go to the pubs on their only day off: Sundays, and during the hours they are allowed out: afternoons.

Everything is indeed within walking distance, but since not much goes on it’s ironic.

Hsinchu has the logistical makings of a kickass party place, but it lacks the people and the desire to have it happen.

Some periods of time they peak (read: X-Mass, New Year’s, and the like) but it’s a desolate place save jocko punters.

Taipei’s the place.

Where in the world … outside the major big cities do they have a nightlife in a small provincial town?

Only in Belgium … not in Taiwan … here you can go 24 hour shrimp fishing … play pool … chew some more binlang … go shrimp fishing … 24h … maybe shoot some hoops with the locale students … 24h shrimp fishing … chew some more binlang … ah …bowling … 9 balllll … video arcade … internet cafe … 24h … video gaming in internet cafe …24 h … shoot’m up :laughing:

How about Tipsy (for music), Flying Pig (for beers and a little dancing?), Pig & Whistle (for food, music and a little dancing?), and Free night (for darts)? I personally have only been to Pig & Whistle for food and music but the other places were recommended by the locals.

I am not sure what you are looking for but there are many towns worth of exploring around Hsinchu, such as Hakka-style tea making (DIY) and outdoor cold springs (not hot springs) in Beipu, Shihmen Reservoir in Hsinchu Hsien, CKS airport to see planes taking off and landing (up close and personal) and a few places (Lavender Cottage, Mountain View Resort) up on the mountain for a little hiking.

As what to do after dark, Hsinchu Royal Hotel offers jazz piano till 11p.m. daily, 24-hour KTV, or crusing on the local highway (I think it’s called Scenic View Highway). There are the newly developed 17KM coastal area and seven other spots. Check out traffic.hccg.gov.tw/2005seawatch/e04.asp.

Hope you enjoy it.

Just to revive this incase anybody reads it,

Xinzhu is quite a boring city but there are things to do, theres a row of bars near the train station, Tipsy being the foreigner bar. Nightclubs you pretty much have Gothenberg and Plur, Gothenberg is actually just a dancing bar, Plur is the closest thing to a club but I think they’re charging $600 in now which is shocking. Jhubei norhth of Hsinchu is even worse, 2 bars i’ve found, beer works, Titty Tea, not much else going on. However HSR to Taipei in 30 minutes, if clubbing is your thing try Plur on the corner of Beida and Shida, if you don’t like it HSR to Taipei. Hsinchu is quite a good location for hiking, exploring and theres stuff nearby like a small beach at Jhunan, hot springs, leofoo village (amusment park).

Theres probably some hidden night life near the Uni’s in Hsinchu and the science park, but I never venture that way

Heard the milk tea at Titty Tea is a must.

it’s a bust!

:laughing: :laughing: