What is this insect in my home?

Yes, there is another thread asking `what is this insect?’, but that was for something out in the wild. So I made another for myself and any others who find strange things in their homes and want to know what they are.

I have found two of these insects in the place I just moved into:

Sorry for the blurry pictures, my camera doesn’t focus well on small things.

One was in the bathroom crawling up the wall, the other one was on an old futon left by the previous tenant who left the place a real tip. Seems like it has been living there a while, leaving a trail of what looks like faeces, but could be mistaken for short hairs. It’s maybe a maximum of 2cm long, moves so slowly you can barely tell it’s going anywhere. When poked, one of the ends (I’ll assume that’s its head) shrinks inside the body. Does anyone know what it could be?

Looks like that thing that crawled in their ear in the star trek movie

Clothes moth larva.

Thanks for the help.


really? I have HUNDREDS of those…in the corners of my house, I never see them become moths.