What is this Veggie?

Friend of a friend gave away this vegetable that was wrapped in a paper bag from an organic grocer. The recipient didn’t know how to cook said gift, so re-gifted. Two additional re-gifts later the veggie is sitting in my fridge - apparently three of my neighbors haven’t seen this one before and don’t know how to cook/prepare it.

On the bag the veggie is identified as ‘Sanicula Lamelligera,’ which I take from a quick google to be a type of blackroot, related to the parsley family. (We have the leaves and stems, not root.) Seems the different varieties of Sanicula grow in different parts of the world and used in different ways. This one seems to have some medicinal use?? I haven’t found reference online re: how to eat this thing. It came in a bunch, like any other green vegetable you would buy at the market, so our first assumption is that it is stir fried. Still, it has a strongish smell (a hint of mint?) that suggests dropping it in a soup. And why would one find this in an organic shop, but not regularly see it in the traditional market?

Anyone have experience with this, or can shed some light?

Looks like its good for colds, coughs, asthma

If dry, soak in cold water for 30-60 min. Put in a pot with some water, bring to a boil, let simmer for 20 min or so, then drain and drink the soup