What is Trolling Exactly?


Some posters have complained that there is too much trolling on Forumosa and that this is ruining the site - while others claim that these posters are being thin-skinned and are too quick to label anyone who disagrees with them as a troll

Furthermore, there are wild discrepancies with regard to how out it is adjudicated by the mods

As such, it might be useful to try and define what trolling is so that posters can at least have some consistent guidelines to work with

A few things to consider:

Should trolling, whatever that may be, be banned, or is it all part of life on the internet?

What are the defining characteristics of offensive trolling? Examples?

Is trolling a troll still trolling?

Is dismantling someone’s argument in a robust manner trolling?

It would be great if people could discuss this subject in a calm manner and hopefully we can all gain some clarity around this complex issue


This is what i’m seeing. A few users come on here and post things that they would most likely never say in front of normal people and really never intends to be about what the OP is asking or the thread is about even if it might seem so. They hit below the waist but not enough to be breaking any rules. Someone gets pissed and fires back, someone else takes it the wrong way from that person and gets pissed and turns on each other. Everyone begins to get nasty and pissed off from this happening. Now the normal social contract of how to conduct ourselves gets thrown out the window and everyone slowly gets more and more nasty and personal even if it’s meant to offend them. And when someone finally speaks out, they are called thin skinned snow flakes. cycle continues.


Here is the definition from wikipedia.

Quoted —
In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion,[3] often for the troll’s amusement.



Who’s the bigger fool: the troll, or the person who responds emotionally to the troll?


Me neither.
I thought it’s in the line of this discussion theme.

I’m baited too?

Anyway, the OP also asking the examples of trolling.


Too bad Taidong already knows what trolling is and was trying to start a discussion on trolling. If he wanted to know “what is trolling” he would’ve just went on wikipedia like tando did and read the definition. If you read his post, he askes people to consider a few things like

is trolling a troll still trolling

is dismanting someone’s argument in a robust manner trolling


Yes, I would agree if he offered a solution or an answer instead, it’s put in a way carefully where someone is the fool from all of this. Instead of hey guys, maybe don’t fall for the trolls bait, he loads a question up to distract from what the thread is trying to accomplish.


His question is rhetorical and meant to trigger us to ask ourselves who the fool is. The only reason I am commenting on it is because YOU think its a troll comment. If you didn’t comment on his comment I would’ve just glanced over his rhetorical comment and be done with it.


No one has complained about trolls here.


As far as the trolling is not offensive, I don’t much care about it. Sometimes I even enjoy its wit.


Calling others trolls is the number one weapon in the trolls arsenal, that means that you are trolling here Andrew, and now Im trolling you by pointing it out


yes the best kind of trolling is the ones that snowballs into bigger trolls coming in where everyone comes at each other. This was my exact point. See we have taken sides, one person gets offended, more people get offended. Everyone gets nasty. I laid it out.


You are being a snow flake.

watch as i troll more from the original troll.


My impression is most of us are just discussing. Disagree is not offend.


This is just the basic formula. One person gets pissed off. Their posts becomes that way like mine as an example. Now I’m trying to troll as I’m pissed off. I’m showing you how it works.

(You see how I’m trying to seem like I’m trying to be contributing but really I just want to come at @Super_Fire)

I’m sorry @Super_Fire but you made yourself my troll target. To show what I mean.

(Or am I sorry?)


Lols hahaha popcorn time



“What is Trolling (COMMA) Exactly?”

THAT is trolling. Attack the bad punctuation instead of answer the question.


Very good. Everyone get in on it. Let’s just have a unmoderated troll fest and get it out of our system.

Where are our female posters? I called @Super_Fire gf U G L Y objectifying her to disqualify him! In case anyone missed it.


[quote=“Andrew0409, post:23, topic:161837”]
Very good. Everyone get in on it. Let’s just have a unmoderated troll fest and get it out of our system.[/quote]

Makes me think of the high stakes heads up tables on the poker sites. Full of sharks waiting for their prey. None of those guys will play against each other so you have twenty tables each with one player waiting for a ‘fool’ to wander in. And by fool I mean ordinary player.