What is Trolling Exactly?


It’s might not be fair just picking up the words from the whole post.

I didn’t get any offensive tone from that post even with the could-be offensive words.

You might prefer everyone using polite words, but we can be offensive with polite words too.


Where exactly did I “ask” anyone to do anything?

What business is it of yours what kind of language I use?? I didn’t direct it at you, or anyone on this thread, or (once again) at any individual at all?

Are you seriously contesting the notion that basic respect for the opinions of others is desirable?


This is getting a bit ridiculous. There is clearly going to be a big gray area between freedom of speech and freedom to take offence. It’s a tough one to call. However, trawling though a poster’s comments and then pulling them up on the language they used in the past is nonsense.

IMO, TaidongCouncil, the onus is on you to clarify what you consider to be trolling exactly and what you consider to be free speech. Then everyone else can pick apart your position to which you can respond.


Ok, stay calm! It’s just a discussion

Maybe I misunderstood and you can clarify it for me

So, is it your position that posters should “respect the right of others to hold an opinion, even if it’s divergent from one’s own.”?


:rofl: This is definitely trolling imprecisely. Done very well, though. :wink:


that’s what I was thinking. otherwise, very meaningless conversation.


Why is it nonsense, in a discussion, to quote and analyse what someone said?

When you say “trawling …in(to) the past” - you do realise it was just answering the previous post ago, right?


You posed the open question of whether “arguing” was bad.

In response, I attempted to differentiate between (my interpretation of) “arguing”, in which the participants simply state their positions repeatedly with little or no regard for anyone who disagrees, and “discourse”, or “discussion”, in which the opinions of all participants are equally respected, and which carries at least the possibility that points made will be considered and there is a potential for eventual agreement.

My citation of the IP forum here was germane to my point because, despite many threads being carried on for literally years, often by the same group of participants, not a single opinion ever changes.
Making for a particularly dreary and dispiriting endeavor.

As far as the concept of “freedom of speech/expression” I hope it’s understood that there’s no such thing, here or pretty much anywhere else on the Internet, with the possible exception of some government websites.

Just like the real world, this site, and almost all others, are the online equivalent of Private Property, with the owners fully within their rights to define what forms of expression are and aren’t acceptable.


Why do you think it isn’t nonsense?
What is your definition of the past?


Why don’t I think quoting a particular part of a post I am responding to is “nonsense”?

Uhmm… because in order to respond, within an argument, to someone’s position, I need to quote that position so that they will know I am responding to it

Why do you think it is nonsense?




Is there?


Ok, I agree (mostly)! See, it’s working already!

I just had a “divergent opinion” on whether the “pig fucker” language you used was consistent with that

You’ve responded that you thought it was germane to your point and I accept your explanation while still maintaining concerns that abusive language - be it directed at a particular poster or a group of people - has the potential to escalate arguments into yelling matches - which I think we would all prefer to avoid


Tell that to the poor pigs.


BiggusDickus, I politely answered your question, about why I don’t think I am being stupid or nonsensical to quote someone, when, in the context of a discussion, I am expressing a divergent opinion with regard to one of their points.

Now, in the interests of a productive discussion, the floor is yours to explain why you think it is nonsense


I couldn’t see what worked how.


Listen, mate. Continuous questions to every reply. Misquoting posts. Moral high-ground while playing the victim. Don’t get me wrong - you’re pretty good. Possibly over-egged the pudding, but you might still get some biters. Anyway, I’m out, but have fun. :star_struck:


Believe it or not, I am trying to find some common ground

I think there is too much of people flying off the handle at the slightest provocation - and I hope a calm discussion on the topic can help identify the moving parts, work out why it happens, is it a bad thing, and if users think it is, can anything be done to tone it down?


I felt you were trying to provoke others with polite words.

why did you say this against a calm poster?