What is wrong in Taizhong?


An alleged Taiwanese gangster chose a novel way of threatening the life of a rival – he sent a video to a local TV station in which he threatened to kill him.

The video was broadcast repeatedly on Taiwanese cable news stations.

“The next time I bump into you, I’ll kill you,” he said.[/quote]
How many laws did this wiseguy break just by having the video broadcast. Or is gang violence so common in Taizhong now that open declaration of war over the airwaves is nothing to bat an eyelash at.

I think the only odd bit was that it got on the telly. You have been to Taichung/Changhua/Yunlin, right?


And the monkey nuts actually broadcast this on TV?

What idiots!

I’d actually like to see this video. Bing Lang nuts and all. :laughing:

Err… shouldn’t the police be arresting this guy now?

He apparently didn’t send it to the TV stations. He sent it to the cops and the COPS sent it to the TV stations.

Is that true??? :roflmao:

Should be nominated as “the most whack thing in TAiwan”

What’s wrong in Taizhong? The city is run by the KMT … that’s what’s wrong … simple

What is wrong with the cops?
What is wrong with the TV stations?
What is wrong…

Yes, I recall the paradise Taichung was when the DPP’s Zhang Wen-ying was mayor. Then Jason Hu came in, destroyed the canal district (which Zhang actually built herself, brick-by-brick) and stunted the growth along Zhonggang Road.

They’ve been putting in rather nice boardwalks along the canal district lately. And they demolished that bizarre sunken park and are remodelling it. It’s good to see.

Not that this is relevant to anything, really.

The China Times and other media outlets are now reporting that Zhou Zhengbao’s video-taped threats were in fact filmed by Shih Zhen-kang, a TVBS reporter from the station’s Nantou bureau. TVBS has issued a public apology and fired Shih along with another reporter from the station’s central Taiwan department. TVBS broke the story of the videotape a few days ago as an exclusive.

The “reporters” responsible for this shocking idiocy are facing prosecution, and TVBS is taking the heavy flak it so thoroughly deserves. There are calls in the LY for the NCC to fine TVBS heavily and even suspend its broadcasting license. It’ll be a good test of the KMT-controlled NCC to see if it metes out proper punishment to one of its own.

Where did you see this?

The cameraman and the gangster is caught. On the news now.
Some of the guns were BB guns :roflmao: :roflmao:

Where did you see this?[/quote]
It came across my desk the other night disguised as news rather than rumour and I fell for it. Stupid me, believeing anything produced by local reporters. Oops, better be careful, in case I get accused of not loving Taiwan enough!