What is Wu Jing?

In the LIBERTY TIMES the other day, I saw an article claiming that the PRC has over 200,000 “wu jing” who would be in a good position to make a lightening attack on Taiwan . . . . . .

What exactly are “wu jing”? The “wu” is as used in “military hardware” and the “jing” is police . . . . .

Are these military police? My Chinese friend said no, but he couldn’t explain it in English.

Any ideas?

According to my C-C dictionary, it’s the short form for “wuzhuang jingcha” - armed police.

Correct. I think they also might be called “militia”. An ex-wujing guy used to teach me nasty lethal kung fu. Now he lives in Austria and claims to be a former Shaolin monk. Bollocks!


militia is 民兵