What is your favorite district in Taipei/New Taipei City and why?

As the title says, what is you favorite district in Taipei/New Taipei City and Why?
Favorite district to live in / visit / however you’d like to answer. Very curious to here the explanations of why you enjoy the specific district. Thanks

Bit of a fan of tianmoo myself
Bet it costs an arm and a leg to live there tho

Neihu is nice, relatively well planned and new.
Muzha, green, quiet, yet close to downtown
Songshan, central, older but with charm

I have not been to either Tianmoo or Muzha, so I’ve got some exploring to do!

Wan hua, the Compton of Taiwan.


Daan, the Irvine of Taiwan.

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Spent the most time here in banqiao, yonghe and zhonghe so i have a soft spot for those urban jungles.
In taipei shillin upwards is fantasic. Muzha is great chill and i think theres a lot of nice areas near guting/ taipower / gongguan. Would be great to live around there.

Worst district is wanhua. Obviously

Tpe: likeTatung as it’s still got some old-style feel to it, and kind of unloved.
NTpe: Pinglin or Pingxi

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I like Wanhua and Datong. More character

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in Taipei City it’s Datong. Unpretensious, old-school feeling, a little off the grid of tourist activity but near main station, feels like ‘real’ Taiwan. lots of cool old chinese medicine stores, small noodle shops, and old buildings and alleys. in NTC it’s Shizi (sp?) island, that long stretch of parks mixed in with small farms under the bridge.

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What bridge?



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im aging and actually got two places in my mind mixed up. the first is this one…the er chong sports park…


some ballfields down there and cool gritty area under that bridge.

the second is a series of ballfields and a long park in shi zi island that im struggling to find at the moment but will link to…

Ah, you must mean Shezi–holo do! It’s in Taipei

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yeah that’s the one…

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Someone on here mentioned a drive-thru Burger King for cyclists. It was under that bridge, but sadly it’s gone now. Erchong is the old name. Now it’s called New Taipei Metropolitan Park. It’s got cutesy installations for Instagramers to take selfies, if that’s your thing.

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Interestingly it doesn’t. I lived in tianmu before, it ain’t bad at all but it’s a bit awkward to get to.

I like gongguan down to kuting (cosmopolitan , tai da greenery, Riverside, restaurants and cafes ) . I’m also a fan of minsheng (trees , cafes, schools ), daan, shilin (relatively low rise, green) , parts of neihu, datong and parts of ximen (old school Taipei), bitan (cliffsife, Riverside, community ), muzha (community, good old time restaurants ) parts of wanhua even.
I also like guandu (very green). I live in xindian, it’s not my favourite but it’s a decent place to live and commute from.

I’ve lived in a lot of places in Taipei. I’d probably have moved to the better parts of neihu before but cost held me back. Neihu is massive so it depends where in Neihu…
Songshan has changed a lot before it was quite shit and the train line dissected it.


You can’t knock Sanchong.