What is your favorite tea and why?

I :heart: the smell of this LI-SHAN tea not too light and not too strong just right for my taste. Perfect for winter time. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I like Dongding Oolong, especially with a nice shot of Irish whiskey.

50lan. I like the bubble milk tea add pudding.

Chai latte with assam. Hot or cold, can drink all day!


I think that’s jasmine?

Good flavor balance no matter how long you steep.

Good cup of :uk: PG Tips every morning with milk, builders tea we call it, strong and tasty. Bring my tea rations over from UK on every home run.


Interesting does it taste like Taiwan milk tea ?

Earl grey with milk, coupled with digestive biscuits to dip.

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image :+1:

I enjoy many different teas so hard to pick a favourite. One is definitely Tie Guan Yin Oolong and indeed it has a very distinctive flavour. I like Oolong in general and learned a lot of about different teas due to livng in Taichung where the best tea shops and tea culture exists in Taiwan , also close to Nantou of course.
I am also a fan of Dong Ding Tea and DongFang MeiRen.
I usually just drink Qing Cha and Mo Xiang Lu Cha (above) in teashops.
Nantou Yuchi has some very nice black teas.
Non caffeine I will drink Rooibos, Xian Cao, Qing Cao , Luo Sheng and various local herbal stuff I don’t know the name of.:grin:.


I love the Dragon fruit green tea from Le Phare near Guanghua Electric Plaza in Taipei, or just a standard dragon fruit smoothie from the place off the Gold Coast in 淡水.

Fiddle-me-sticks, I miss those places.

Why would it taste like Taiwan milk tea? It’s a classic British black tea with milk added before drinking. There’s no connection.

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Yeah. I like oolong as well. I’m not a big tea drinker besides when I eat at Chinese restaurants.

Any kind about famous folks. Oh wait…

Ic just curious about it since not familiar with it. I remember
my uncle gave us a box of classic black tea years ago from UK. I agree there is no connection. Thanks for lmk.

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The tin pictured in the original post looks pretty generic, can’t see anything on there specific to any farm/area of li shan.

I’m enjoying some nantou wu long at the moment. I’ve got a shop near me full of the stuff. Got chatting to the guy the other day, he started feeding me all the tired old sales lines about the higher the elevation, the better. Mostly BS afaic. I just get the basic stuff, i.e. no marketed high elevation. By my research it is a little more environmentally friendly. Taiwan tea’s dirty little secret: the high mountain farms reak havoc on other farms down the mountain.

Imported English teas when I feel like something punchy. So Carrefour doesn’t have pg tips @Firefighter? I’m happy enough with Typhoo.

Masala tea from Trinity too ::slight_smile:

In Ireland we have two local favourites brands, Barry’s and Lyons. Similar to English breakfast tea being very strong , those blacks teas are mostly grown in Kenya. I prefer lighter fresher black tea now. Anyway I like a good Assam too.