What is Your Favorite Vegetable?

I like cucumbers. They’re long, strong, hard, rigid, and a little bumpy.

Seriously, I like cucumbers because they’re crunchy and not too filling, refreshing, low in calories, and you can add them to anything, and they taste good to me raw or cooked.

How about you?

We’re talking about eating them…right?

TainanCowboy is my fave vegetable at the moment.

Taters. And don’t try pretending there’s anything better than taters. There isn’t.

I was just about to say the same thing. B’taitas.

Brussel sprouts or broccoli with just olive oil as dressing.

OK. It’s official. You’re weird. Seriously. I mean, you’re WEIRD! :noway: :noway: :noway:

Sprouts with OLIVE dressing??? Are you born in Waga-dugu or so?
It is like putting vinigar on a chocolate Pie!
Put some FRESH butter on the sprouts with shaved muskat nut. Delicious and the way it is done (by the books)

Mine are carrots. Act like a bunny afterwards, get a pretty tanned color on my skin and my eyes are not cheating on me anymore!

That’s DISGUSTING! My eyes! My poor eyes. You’ve tainted them.

Fresh peas, in the shell. Eaten raw, in the garden.
NOTHING beats that.

Different veg. for different purposes.

Dark green leafy ones for when I need the quintessential veggy feeling.

Bitter melon when I’ve had too much rich food recently.

Tomatoes for the general pepping-up of other stuff.

Carrots for comfort.

The list could go on.

Although, 914’s confession reminded me of the xiao tsai you sometimes get of smashed cucumbers mixed with a little chopped chilis and some vinegar. They have to be smashed, though – not chopped or sliced – and they have to be really crunchy. If I get soggy ones, whoever sold them to me is shunned forever.

Asparagus! I’m so happy that it’s easy to find the small, tender shoots of asparagus here, and it’s much cheaper than it ever was in the US.

I like Brussels sprouts, too, but the way I prefer to make them is horribly fattening. First you dump a load of real butter into a large frying pan. Then you add at least eight cloves of garlic, smashed or diced, and saute only until light brown. Then you dump in your sprouts, which you’ve already cut in half, and you saute them for a few minutes. Add a little salt and pepper and a can of chicken broth, put a lid on, and cook them until they’re soggy (if you like them that way), or just until done (if you like them more crunchy). Drain all the juice, then dump more lovely, delicious real butter on them, and pig out. Be prepared to leave the bedroom window open that evening, as Brussels farts will surely follow, and the possibility of being gassed to death lurks in your future. It’s worse if you and your significant other have both eaten mass quantities of said sprouts…

The more sensible way is similar, just leave out the butter and use a tiny bit of olive oil to saute the garlic. Not as tasty, but better for your health :slight_smile: You’ll still have those pesky farts, though.

You know what was Ronald Reagan’s favorite vegetable?

James Brady. ha ha ha ha ha.

I know, it’s a stupid joke even if you do know what the hell I’m talking about. Sorry. :blush:

:astonished: the worst vegetable in the world… :runaway: The only thing bitterer is the bitter melon, but when you eat it at least it doesn’t feel like you’re chewing on a testicle…

Tomatoes are the best. Tasty and chock full of antioxidants.

In my opinion, that is!

[quote=“Chris”] Tomatoes are the best. Tasty and chock full of antioxidants.

In my opinion, that is![/quote]

Ha ha ha ha, tomatoes aren’t a vegie, they’re a fruit. Neener neener neener.


Hats off to Carnegies for being one of the few places to offer Brussel Sprouts. Now if I can only find some fried okra.

Hats off to Carnegies for being one of the few places to offer Brussel Sprouts. Now if I can only find some fried okra.[/quote]

Okra? You gotta be kidding. Where can you not find the stuff in Taiwan?

I’ve found okra before, but not fried and battered. I have had it once like that here, but I can’t remember where.

How about Taiwanese veggies? I am quite partial to sweet potato leaves.

Oh, I miss brussel sprouts. Love those, and broccoli. But today I’ll put a vote in for JICAMA!!! :rainbow:

Oh, as the summer weather comes, what could be better? Pick up a jicama, clean and slice it, put it in some ice water with plenty of salt and lemon juice, and put it in the fridge. A few hours later, pull it out to munch on! Very refreshing stuff. And you can even get it in Taiwan! :slight_smile: