What is your Taiwan level?

The smaller Islands don’t seem to be very popular with the Forumosans :joy:

Cause like Taitung, it’s a pain in the ass to get to and enjoy if you work fulltime.


Those small aircraft scare me a little…

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I love sitting in the small ones. I wish I could fly one myself one day.

Yeah. We wanted to go to Okinawa for ages but like you said it’s hard to find the time to do so.

There’ve been a few too many accidents over the years involving flights to the offshore counties for my taste.

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I apparated a la Harry Potter! :wink:

Yeah, now that you put it that way…HSR to KS and bus to Nantou would put me higher than 16. But still not so high, I think…

My Taiwan level.

Yellow- been there
Red - been there and love it
Green - want to go or go back


This calls for @Steve4nLanguage !


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Blue - Where you live :grin:


I can’t compare to the travelling forumosans—I got a score of 62.

Then again I got to see Chen Shui-bian re-elected as President. :rofl:


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Never lived in the north or central, only a few places visited.
I’m a Southern Man- take that, Neil Young!


Neil Young would approve of Taitung. Great music there!


Still feel I should travel more…

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Hmmm. 70. But I f’d up the picture download. I did a lot of cycling and raced everywhere. Plus mountains. Plus ex wife family lived in Taoyuan.

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I hope I’ll get to visit Kimmen and Matsu soon.

They should have separated Lanyu, Green Island, and Xiao Liuqiu as well. Of those 3, I’ve only been to Lanyu.


Trailing @hansioux

I haven’t been to the islands on the southern tip either.