What kind of animal do you resemble?

A little while back a friend of mine confided that his basic nature was ‘that of a dog’, which was why his gf kept such a close eye on him.

My alleged gf describes me as being like a cat, which is a polite way of saying that althought I appear cute and likeable I am at heart selfish, lazy, hedonistic, and maybe not very bright. Or maybe it means that I can safely be left alone for extended periods. Bitch.

More recently someone else I know concluded, after ten years of observation, that ‘the chinese are like ants’ and for the sake of peace and quiet I’ll refrain from sharing my own opinion on that.

How about the rest of you? What animal are you equated with in your own eyes or the eyes of those around you? What animal comes to mind when you think of your nearest, dearest, or forumosan_X?

Do we have any bears, sloths, li’l fluffy rabbits, flesh-eating tapirs in our midst?

OK, it’s saturday night, I’ve been stood up again, and it’s either write this shite, do some proper work, or go out and get hammered again. Forgive me.

Well, now you can find out from this wonderfully scientific quiz:


I’m probably a wombat: eats roots and leaves. :wink:

I’m a little fluffy kitten.

The Big Babou wrote [quote]I’m probably a wombat: eats roots and leaves[/quote]Shouldn’t that be [quote]I’m probably a wombat: eats leaves and roots[/quote] :wink:

What’s that animal called, the one with claws which aren’t really claws? It has that fur with natural perfume that attracts insects but repels predators??
Anyway, my friend is definitely that animal.

You mean, non-human animal…?

A wildebeest, I guess. Or maybe a purple marmoset.

Although I have definite ostrichlike tendencies, I am probably closest to being a manatee: fat, sluggish, and get run over by speedboats a lot.

At least it feels that way lately.

According to the test, I’m a bison or an owl.

For what its worth, one of the professions suitable for my type, per the test, is legal / attorney.

Go figure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Me: Shrew, otter, or snake. Yeah, right!

I’d probably be amos quito :sunglasses:

Ahhhaaaaahhhaaaaa! I am a swan! Oddly enough, like Tigerman, one of my suggested professions is an actor…baaahaaahaaaaaha! Unfortunately I lumped together with the likes of Ceiling Scream-on and Whine-o-not Shoplifter…

I like that this site gives you the collective terms for the animals…a ballet of swans…cool…

I am also a sable…had no idea what that was, but the picture of this gentle beast I like alot…and how about this…a refinement of sables…even cooler…cooler associates…the current James Bond, Darkman and Blueface’s man main George W. No, not the current maniac making lives unbearable for peace-lovers everywhere…the original GW…tossing silver dollars and chopping cherry trees GW.

It also suggests that I could be an owl…if not for this quote:
“Unlike the terrestrial creatures, the owl is not a prisoner of its sex-drive, but with its air of refined sensuality is hardly shy about throwing itself into the physical aspects of a relationship.”, I would say that I am nothing like Oprah…

Peace y’all…or should I say “honk”?

That test said I was a giraffe. What nonsense. I may have a muscular neck but it isn’t long at all. I don’t have long gangly legs. I don’t eat leaves from the tops of trees.

Crocodylus Niloticus

Muahahaha! :smiling_imp:

I am a wild cat. I also got possible porcupine or otter, but they don’t really fit.

For fun some of my friends and I rated each other, and we actually all got to the same animals. This could be a dangerous exercise though. I accidently hit the back button after my sister did the test for me and discovered that she thought I was above average size (I thought I was average-I wear a bloody medium!) and extremely assertive and competitive (I thought I was the assertive, but usually accommodating option). Some more differences of…er…opinion, and I ended up as a lion.

So either my sister doesn’t know me, or only my sister knows me.

Took the quiz and got three animals. Penguin, Dog and Beaver. Penguin doesn’t seem right. So it’s either dog or beaver. Could I be a dog who likes beaver? :blush: :laughing: :blush:

baboon, fox

Kenny, I think you’re a bit more like a wolf. :wink: .

Sheep or Beaver, both are very true…
might be a dog as well… kind of true!!

  • I am shock and surprise!

wildcat ( which was my law school’s mascot btw) or fox…

hum but I thought I was a shark, but I guess thats not an animal (or is it?)