What kind of TEFL and 2 yr AA diploma required to work?

Hi I have a 2 year Community College Associates Degree from the USA, in Liberal Arts. I have heard that at “some” schools in Taiwan it is possible and legal to be hired if you have the above 2 year AA diploma plus a TEFL certification. Question: is the standard 40 hour TEFL certification adequate, or does it have to be a more extensive 120 hours?

Anyways with the 2 yr AA diploma and a basic 40 hour TEFL, the Taiwan government does(?) allow for working visa and regular teaching in Taiwan? Thanks.

hi, sorry could someone please reply (even a few people)? even just strong guesses are welcome, honestly. I’ve emailed 6 different recruiters, none replied except one and he only gave me broken information that was not useful.

perhaps could anyone point me in a direction on the issue? I’ve done google searches and emailed agencies in Taiwan, with no answers over several days. nothing good came up on searches for me, as well.

Please do keep in mind, it is an Associates Degree + a standard 40 hour TEFL certificate (NOT the lengthy 120 hours kind), and my degree is not a “Bachelors”. (it is a 2 year AA, not 3 or 4 year BA). People I asked seemed very confused that it’s a 3 years BA, but it’s not.

  • 2 years AA Associates Degree from USA Community College
  • TEFL, standard 40 hours

Any guesses or pointers very appreciated. I’m in a bind and want to go rather soon.

Hold on, hold on! :laughing:

A two year college diploma and TESOL is the minimum requirement to get a legal job teaching English in Taiwan. However, many schools here do not know this and simply assume you need a B.A. This is simply not true. Enjoy working in Taiwan. :smiley:

right, over the last few years I’ve seen posts around and heard a person or two say this. but then, as you said, other people contradict it as they aren’t quite sure as well.

The problem---------> I wonder if a STANDARD 40 hours TEFL certification – in conjunction to the two years Associates AA diploma – is satisfactory. (Please note: there are longer, 100+ hour TEFL/TESOL certificates. The one I am talking about is the standard 40 hrs).

I am sure. Your 40 hour TEFL certificate is acceptable.


Hey cheers to you too man. I loved Taiwan when I was there last summer, even in the SUPER heat (34 c, 95 f). Not only I liked the people there but I also thought the foreigner community were some cool people and nice to talk to. It’ll be great once I can get back there, and I hope you’re right!

From what I’ve heard in the past, not all 2-year programs qualify. You could try contacting the MOE and asking them, but I doubt they’ll be helpful. Getting a straight answer on questions like these in Taiwan is all but impossible (and even what straight answer you get is likely as not to be wrong).

Really the only way to be sure is to get a job, apply ofr a work permit and see if you get it.

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