What kind of topic class will you like to join?

If there is a “TOPIC” class for teaching you how to use chinese in “some” situation, what kind of topic you’d like to join it?And what kind of class are you looking for?
“Shopping?” ,“How to use Measure Word?” , “Singing in Chinese” or others? Please share your ideas with me.

Internet etiquette

What about internet??
I was thinking about “typing chinese character”. Do you think this will be a good topic?
Becuase i always have problems typing chinese character when i wanna email my family or friends to show then that i can type Chinese characters already.

Ditto Bri’s comment. Maybe we could start with a course on ways to advertise a language school while appearing to be offering friendly advice–a course in subtlty, perhaps.

Actually I’ve seen a demonstration of the poster’s prowess in the “advertise a language school while appearing to be offering friendly advice” skill and I for one would certainly not sign up if this person was representative of their graduates.

Yow! I can’t hardly see to type with all this blood in the water!

This use of Oriented as an advertising board seems to becoming more prevalent, but unfortunately, in my opinion, its tolerated – why, Christine herself almost tore my arm off at the shoulder for getting shirty about one of those real estate guys touting for business here.

I wonder if anyone else feels that advertising businesses like this is somehow … just not quite right?


Originally posted by sandman: I wonder if anyone else feels that advertising businesses like this is somehow ... just not quite right?

I think advertising is fine as long as its clearly labelled as such.

It’s OK if it’s on one or two boards once or twice, but spamming every board is really annoying.


Well, for somehow reason, I don’t think this is an advertise, i was trying to help them, i don’t know what i did here is “hurting” them. I’m really sorry about that. But i’m very proud of myself that i didn’t say “XXX school” is bad or others. Because i think every schools has good teachers, you can’t just because you met a bad teacher, then you say that school is “BAD”, it’s not fair at all. But i’d like people to tell me where the good teachers are, then i can just go for it, not just keep trying the bad teachers.
What I wanna do, i already done, so i won’t post anything to tell about "that school"which i was talking about since you guys think what i was doing is wrong. (Though i don’t think so still)
Again, I don’t think this is a “Advertise”, what are you waiting for if you ask people “where to learn Chiense”, will the answer be the “advertise”?? Confusing~

I think that “learning to type Chinese characters” would be an excellent topic. That way more Japanese students of Chinese could learn to type Chinese characters in their emails and impress their families.

The basic idea for the difference between ads and recommendations, at least on the Ironlady-moderated, Grandma-friendly “Learning Chinese” forum, is that recommendations give as much information about a place as possible, and are based on personal experience, and are usually posted ONCE in response to a specific question. Ads are usually posted numerous times and may be vague or misleading, offering incomplete information or trying to induce prospects to call up without complete information about the product or service.

So, if a school is really a school, it’s OK to cite its name, telephone, address, type of instruction offered, and your personal opinion of its services. If it’s not really a school, then the operation should be clearly identified as a tutoring service or private instructor(s), with similar additional information attached as to its activities, qualities, and location/contact information. For example, I really can’t tout “Ironlady’s Chinese Academy” because it doesn’t exist, but if I characterize myself as a private tutor, I think that’s fair. There’s usually an expected difference in quality and nature of services for schools and tutors, not to mention in price!

As one of my high-school teachers used to say, “This is a benevolent dictatorship,” so the Grandma-friendly (i.e., no outright, hard abuse of others through posted language or obscenity) and non-ad nature (single postings only, in response to specific questions, and including complete information on schools/tutors) are in until somebody else wants to take over, at which time everything would again be negotiable, of course.


I really like this idea though i already started this kind of class with my private lesson’s student. He found some other students/friends to make a group class for only one day, 3 hours. They picked up the topic, told me 2 days before, and we just talked about it. So this is a great idea.