What leader

1)What country leader in the world do you think has the lowest IQ?
2)What country leader in the world got to his position based not on his leadership but on his connections?

I know, I know…pick me, I know,…pick me, really I know…

Is it a four letter word? Can it be used as a hedge?

I thought I knew :cry:


Stop this mindless Kim Jong-Il bashing! Or were you perhaps referring to Megawati Sukarnoputri?

I don’t know about #1, but I would tend to think that #2 applies to most leaders who have held power in any country.


Kim Il Jong? Queen Elizabeth? (no wait - you said “his”) Hu Jintao? That ex KGB agent running Russia right now, what’s his name - Putin or Poontang or something? That kid who just got ‘elected’ prez of Azirjiban or however you spell it, cause of his old man who’s retiring? That media magnate who owns half the media in Italy and bought himself the presidency, Monica Belluci or Silvio Bersculoony or something? That guy in that Latin American country, the one connected to the drug dealers, you know the guy, yeah, that guy? The House of Saud? That ex-general or ex-colonel or some military rank, in that country where they had the coup back a while ago, you know that guy - you mean him? Come on, man, WHO?

Moses Malone? Jimi Hendrix? Alfred Hitchcock? Shirley Temple? Marcel Marceau? Woody Allen? Mickey Mantle? Chi Chi Rodiguez?

Ahh…cough…wheeze…hoick…phtooey! I’ll try one more, but it’s my final offer:

Hy Gotkin??!?!


the low IQ thing, despite its play in doonesbury is a debunked urban myth.

yeah, he is a tool, but for better or worse he is our tool.

doonesbury is written by someone in scroll & key. a bit of bones envy there. :wink:

Mod lang, Russian President Vladimir Putin is super-intelligent AND not related to anybody important. He clawed his own way up there. If you want to make fun of his surname though, it does sound like the Spanish word for “whore.”

I don’t think W. is stupid. He IS probably dislexic, and he DID spend his college years drinking and partying when he might have been getting a Yale education, but those are no reflection upon his innate abilities which strike me as resoundingly average.

When/where/how has it been debunked? I have heard Bush speak on many occasions, and I detect a glimmer of intelligence. But just a glimmer. :s

Here’s an article on W. which covers the subject of how smart he is very extensively. (And which says I’m wrong–he’s not “average”.)

rotten.com/library/bio/presi … ge-w-bush/

Meanwhile, the Guardian made this observation based on Bob Woodward’s new expose:


it’s interesting that people discount his academic record so quickly. even accounting for the fact that his connections got him into yale, keep in mind that yale by that time was full of very liberal professors who were not likely to pass bush just because he was a rich white kid. it’s obvious he didn’t try at all and yet still graduated. getting by as a drunken frat boy at yale is still orders of magnitude more academically rigorous than being an above-average student at most other schools. hell, graduating from andover(one of the american versions of eton) is more academically rigorous than graduating from most american universities.