What months are you paying for when electricity is due?

Another dumb question. I will be leaving Taiwan in 2 weeks (July 13th). I know I will need to pay for rent on July 10th-July 15th but electricity is charged every 2 months which isn’t due this month. So if I need to pay for electricity before I leave will I be paying for the months of May-June plus 13 days in July?

You or your landlord can go to Taipower on the 13th and ask for a bill up to the 12th.


Bring your meter reading.


I think you can check it online with an app.

If you have a credit card. You can get the bank to deduct it automatically. Take your bill down to the bank and ask them to do it for you :slight_smile:

However… be warned that I think it takes 2 weeks for them to set it up.

And you probably might not want to do this if you’re renting an apartment. Unless you know for sure how to cancel that when moving out.

Also, the utilities usually stay in the landlord’s name - so some banks might just reject because the name doesn’t match.

Super easy to cancel as you can simply call the number on your card. (Don’t scare people!) Cancel in the months leading to you leaving if you are so scared.

Also, no the banks don’t care whose name the bills are under as they simply go off of the account numbers and there is a system built to ensure renters can do this. (Obviously for something like a mobile phone bill, tax or car registration, insurance etc… it’s a little different)