What Movies Are You Watching? —2016—


I finally got around to watching 22 jump street and it was as expected, ridiculousness from Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.

A thoroughly enjoyed it and caught myself cracking up from a lot of the running jokes from the previous movie as well as new ones.

Highly recommend if you want a good laugh.


Airirang (2011) Kim Ki-duk makes some great films, but does tend towards obscure self-indulgence. This is certainly true of this tiresome autobiographical contemplation ‘documentary’.

The Ten Commandments (1956) Big Cecil B DeMille epic of the story of Moses. Mildly entertaining at times (some of the big scenes).

Ceddo (1977) It was difficult to follow this story of class and religious struggle in Senegal of a couple of centuries ago.

F For Fake (1973) I’m not much of an Orson Welles fan, but really enjoyed his romp through the layers of deceit and story-telling surrounding a famous forger and a fraudulent biography of Howard Hughes.

Dogtown and Z Boys (2001) I’m not really a surfing or skating fan, but this documentary about the 70s Zephyr Skate Team from South California and their background in surf culture was really good. The evolution of their style of skating is beautifully documented.

Lords of Dogtown (2005) Basically a dramatisation of the above documentary (with Heath Ledger). Nice companion piece. Watch the two together.

Tale of the Wind (1988) An aging French director goes to China “In search of the wind”. Poetic but dull.

The Hills Have Eyes (1977) A family on holiday break down in the middle of nowhere and are set upon by a feral family. Not my thing at all.

Equinox Flower (1958) In his first colour film, Ozu explores one of his favourite topics - marriage and the generation gap. A father who is a marriage-broker gives advice about marriage, but is not able to take the same advice regarding his own daughter. Beautiful classic cinema, and one of Ozu’s best.

The Devils (1971) Weird story (based on a true event) about a lustful priest, who while trying to protect his 17th century French city from Richelieu’s regime, brings a witchcraft inquisition upon himself. Pretty good, with some fun acting by Oliver Reed in the lead.

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Previous Lives (2010) A dying man in rural Thailand is visited by his family, the spirit of his dead wife and his son who disappeared and changed into some sort of forest creature. I didn’t really get anything from this film.

Pickpocket (1959) I’m not really a fan of Robert Bresson. His films are usually so cold and empty. So I didn’t really like this.

Written on the Wind (1956) I didn’t really like this melodrama about a woman who marries a rich oil heir, but is loved by her husband’s best friend (played very well by the always exceptional Rock Hudson).




The Incredible Hulk (2008) Incredibly boring superhero movie.

Andrei Rublev (1996) I’ve been a bit disappointed by the last couple of Tarkovsky films that I’ve seen, but this one was marvellous. It’s episodes from the life of 15th century icon painter Andrei Rublev, but perhaps even more the story of medieval Russia and perhaps the origins of the modern state. The last episode - about the casting of a bell - was particularly good.

West Side Story (1961) Horrible horrible musical.

About Time (2013) It’s got quite a bit of Richard Curtis’ usual “oh gosh aren’t rich English people so nice” stuff, and his usual sentimentality of course, but this time travel/ romantic comedy movie was actually quite enjoyable.

Flowers of Taipei: Taiwan New Cinema (2014) Given my interest in the subject, I thought this doco would be good, but there were very few clips from the films and mostly just interviews. Not only that, but most interviews were not from the makers of Taiwan New Cinema, but from foreign observers saying how great it was. Complete waste of a topic.

Chronicle of a Summer (1961) Quite a dull Cinema Verite experimental documentary about class and happiness.

Dog Star Man: Part 1 (1962) Unless you’re into completely abstract experimental film, this is REALLY boring. There was a continually repeated shot of a man climbing up a hill with a dog. That’s about all I remember.

Gunfight at the OK Corral (1957) Fairly good western about the famous story.

Ride Lonesome (1959) Excellent western told in a simple ‘classical’ style. Reminded me of Kurosawa.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013) I actually like the young adult fiction of books (they’re alright, anyway), but this movie was pretty bad. Whether you like the books or not, I can’t think of a good reason to watch it.

Cat People (11942) Classic B-movie horror, but I’m not a horror fan and didn’t really enjoy it.


There is only one reason to watch it:

Is it my idea or that I am used to hearing him speak in Chinese but he sounds weird to me in English?




Do we need to update the thread name or start a new thread with the new year?

I saw DEADPOOL yesterday with the gf and it was a great time at the theatre.

I will say that the movie plot is very predictable (and they gave away a lot of the good parts in the trailers), but the way the movie presented itself in its own way, made it an enjoyable movie and a fun time at the theater.

Do stay after the credits for a scene!


Deadpool was a 5 out of 10 at best. 90% of the funny stuff was in the trailer, the rest of the movie was pretty meh. It could have been a really good pisstake of the Star wars / super hero type movies but it wasn’t.


Behold the utter shit that will be 2016… only superman vs batman has the potential to be any good… please be good… at least we don’t have to wait long to find out

Really the only thing that needs to come out this year is Attack on Titan season 2, every other movie and series can seriously fuck off for the rest of the year, nothing else comes close (unless by some grace of god a new ghost in the shell series comes out)


Should have a movies 2016

Saw Deadpool . Agree it was a five out of ten at best

The dudes crush was kinda cute and that was it. I couldn’t wait for the movie to end

It was a movie that appeals to tweens basically and it succeeded there.

The audience was mostly tweens and they applauded at the end

I applauded but only because the movie ended and we could go home

It wasn’t bad bad. But it wasn’t good good either

It is the top grossing film this week, if that means anything


Victor Frankenstein http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1976009/ casts an interesting twist on an ancient tale.

It was ludicrous without falling into farce, and managed to engage me to the end despite the silly bits.


I recently watched The Intern with Robert Deniro and Anne Hathaway.

The movie centers around, Deniro’s character, a 70 year old retiree that applies for an internship specifically geared towards senior citizens at a Brooklyn start-up company, due to being bored with life after the desk job. One thing leads to another and he’s the most liked employee at the firm.

What I thought was a rom com ended up being so much more and definitely recommend a watch, especially if you do not know too much about the movie plot.


Given Deadpool’s budget I think they did pretty well. I just hope success of the movie could mean FOX executives throwing more money at it but at the same time keep their hands off the sequel as well. I read somewhere that the director of Guardians of the Galaxy is afraid that the studios would mistake the success of Deadpool and GoG for a new type of genre film, make a formula out of them, and start pumping out a crap load of rip-offs.


Deadpool was well put together, well made technically. But it was a modern kiddie movie in its plot. Lots of Fuk this Fuk that. LOts of F words because thats how little 13 year olds talk these days.

Our local schools are thinking of passing out condoms to middle schoolers, can you believe that?

It was a mix of Antman meets Ironman.

I put my brain on neutral most of the film though. And would I see it again, even for free? No way.

Only bright spot, the girl had a cute face (and nice cute but small tits). But thats IT my friends.

Totally forgettable movie.

Was eating last nite at a local hot spot in Walnut Creek. And a group of ladies 50s and up were gaggling over in the next table. They were LOUD. And one of them proclaimed that Deadpool was “really good” (probably drunk). And I had to spit out to my wife sitting across from me … NO, it was NOT really good, it was for kids , a kiddie flick.

It S.U.C.K.ed basically. But it was not H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. BUT IT SUCKED.
Producers are laughing all the way to the bank though.


Should really hand it to the marketing team for doing an amazing job on pulling all of us into the theater.


Talking about marketing, this morning I look at the paper, see what could be interesting to watch over the holidays… There is this splash of adverstising for Gods of Egypt. I must be getting old because this kind of fantasy film would be my cup of tea, yet the description leaves me cold:

Not to mention the poster directly copy pasted from The Mummy…1 and 3. Sigh

OK, we have The Room -depressing-, The Danish Girl -too deep-, Concussion -wasn’t there a TV movie about this already?, mmm … Zootopia it is then.


If there’s not many good releases, it’s time to go watch Star Wars again in the second run movie theaters (二輪電影院)


I went to watch Zootopia yesterday with the gf and her friends. It was a great heap of fun and of course has an underlying message.

Not as magical as Frozen or Big Hero 6, but still worth a watch…maybe on the small screen.

The concept of it is just as you’d expect from any other Pixar Disney movie.


just watched Gods of Egypt.

Well made, fun sci-fi yarn. A coupla cute chickies make the movie for moi :slight_smile:

The two cuties in the movie:





WAtched it last night with the little lady. Good yarn. pretty well made. Some of the CGI was good, some hokey. But overall pretty well made movie !

Good action flick. Non-stop.

All six people in the audience seemed to like it (Gods of Egypt the night before had 3 people watching on a Sunday night). American theaters have so few customers , I really wonder how they stay in business, honestly.