What Movies Are You Watching? —2016—


Or reboot with younger and younger actors. We will end up watching babies -in diapers, one hopes- as leading romantic characters. 50 Shades of Poop. The Pea Mash Returns.


The fact that they were able to have the original X-men from the first X-men movie to cameo in Days of Future past was pretty spectacular.

However, I’m not sure I like Sophia Turner as Jean Grey. I half expect her to go full bad-ass and turn that American accent into a nothern one and say, “Winter is coming…Scott”

One thing is for sure, Hugh Jackman, said he would reprise his Wolverine role as long as he lived.


He should. Oh yeah. :howyoudoin:


It’s already been announced that the movie they just finished filming will be his last appearance as Wolverine. Too bad though, he’s great in the role.


We recently watched the new The Jungle Book at home on MOD. I wasn’t expecting anything really good and just wanted something with action for our son. I was pleasantly surprised and it turned out to be a decent movie.


I guess that random website wasn’t reliable after all…

I would hate to see him go, but looking forward to the solo Wolverine movie in 2017.


Looking forward to the Japanese anime Your Name. It is getting awesome reviews. It will start being shown in Taiwan’s theatres on October 21st.


And the remakes keep rolling on…

IT - there is potential, but with all the real psycho clowns around, not much interest. I predict copycats.

CHiPs - there are many sexy Latino actors now, pick one. Or else, don’t count on me tuning in

Blade Runner - second part. Mmm, not convinced. But I may give it a chance.

Tomb Raider - reboot. Younger, bustier? version

Scooby Doo - if they make it all grom and dark, I’m outta here. It should be campy fun. We need that.

Mindcraft - come again?

And my personal favorite:

Godzilla vs King Kong.


I saw a trailer for Magnificent 7 while I was waiting for the light at Heping and Roosevelt. Seeing that trailer just makes it clear that Hollywood is running out of ideas.

Yes please.

This could be a disaster. However, the first reboot with Quiksilver, Lord Katsumoto and Scarlett Witch as co-stars was accepted by the Japanese. Not sure if this is a follow up of that movie?

Also there was yet ANOTHER remake of King Kong, can’t recall who’s in it, but I saw a trailer for it.


Oh boy. After so many dissapointments, I am happy to report that Doctor Strange works! Really cool movie. Non stop action, funny in the right places. I was concerned about the special effects galore but they are there for a good reason and they work. I mean, the whole movie clicks together like a well oiled machine and delivers entertainment. I didn’t have time to open, least of all drink my well, drink. I was engrossed in the movie. And that has not happened for a long time.


Did you get a sneak peak or did Dr Strange come out a week earlier in TW? I thought it was early Nov release?


Saw it in a small neighhborhood cinema. It is playing since last week in big theaters.


Holy, I haven’t seen movie listings via newspaper in ages.

Duely noted. I know what I’m doing this weekend.


One thing: I found it dizzing… and we were watching 2D! My movie pal said he’d like to see it again in IMAX and I agree: it would be awesome because of the cinematography. But 3D or 4D…not after dinner, certainly.

Funny thing is the jokes play to intercultural audiences, intended or not. For example:

There is a part in the story that takes place in Hong Kong. One of the bad guys gets locked in one of the fish tanks in one of those street quick stir fry places. The locals found that hillarious.

Oh, BTW, if anyone wants to see My name, it is playing in Spot and I was assured it has English subtitles.


What! We don’t get dr strange until next month. You lucky peeples.

Don’t tell me y’all also already have fantastic beasts.


Oh, I am getting goosebumps, this sounds amazing. A smart movie.

November 13, 2016 | 12:24PM PT

“Arrival,” a brainy sci-fi thriller, scored at the weekend box office, debuting to an impressive $24 million and muscling its way into the awards race. It’s a much-needed win for Paramount, the studio behind the alien invasion tale, as it follows a series of flops such as “Zoolander 2” and “Ben-Hur.” It also proves that audiences will show up for films that are willing to grapple with big ideas and that use spectacle and computer imagery to make larger philosophical points.


I highly, highly recommend “The Story of Your Life”, the short story that “Arrival” is based on.

Alas, when I look through the websites for movies in Taiwan, I can’t find an upcoming release date for “Arrival.” But that’s normal for a lot of the 2nd or 3rd tier movies here.


I actually just watched, Friday with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. It popped up on my Netflix homepage and I figured, why the hell not.

I have to say, despite the plot being that there’s no plot because it’s Friday, it was quite entertaining to watch.


I’m going to be pretty upset if it turns out that Amy Adams has chest hair.

Not a deal breaker, necessarily, but some repositioning may be called for, you know.


Sincere posters:

He better be butt nacked. Otherwise, yawn.

No, I can’t. Only watch them when they get jammd down my throat in a 2 X 1 movie deal.

Yang Yimou is paying dearly for having extra kids.

Yawnstastic? Maybe…

For Donnie. That’s it.

Saw the trailer. Cranston is awesome. Fantastic actor. That is the only way he survives this.