What Movies Are You Watching? —2017—


Disney is remaking it and if it’s Disney, they are not going to hand it to some foreign production company. It is their responsibility to remake their own ip.


Wait what now…

If you gave me 5 seconds, I’d have gone with lion king, beauty and the beast, little mermaid. Milan wouldn’t even crack the top 5 - Aladdin and Tarzan rounds it up.

Lion king, undisputed, is the most impactful (in media, society, culture… etc) of the Disney renaissance pantheon, by far.

Obviously when talking about disney renaissance anitmated films we’re talking the cream of the crop, so they’re all entertaining and fantastic. But gun to the head, if we had to rank them - that’s how they’d score.

By the way, if you’ll also notice - the top 3 have their own dedicated Disney rides and/or areas at flagship Disney world (lion king’s tree of life anchors animal kingdom, belle’s village and Ariel’s grotto permanent fixture at magic kingdom.

All this is also why the stakes are highest and expectations and greatest for the lion king.

The rest matter a great deal, yes (especially Aladdin), but comparatively less so.

P.s. Your “forgotten” ones are great! Agreed.

Pps. Another underrated one, and possibly my 6th on the best of list - Hercules. I love Megara’s character. There’s so much complexity and tragedy to her that felt way beyond its time. She lived a layered life before the film, before Hercules. She’s made mistakes and has huge flaws. She is decisive, knows what she wants and makes no apologies for her actions (even when she knows it isn’t the most righteous move to make). She subverts the damsel stereotype dictated on her and flips the script to save the hero. Her character complexity is so progressive and modern, that honestly I feel a little snubbed for her and young girls worldwide that she usually isn’t included in your basic Disney Princess toy sets or park meet and greets.


I hope he surprises us. How I see it, it would be smart if he didn’t attempt to mirror the Williams’ Genie and going a different approach?

I agree with the comedian idea. As horrible as it may sound, someone like Kevin Hart may have been a better choice. He didn’t do a horrible job as Snowball in Secret Life of Pets.


Wel, Atomic Kitten’s soundtrack seems a bit…trite.

Dunno why folks are so worked up. Nostalgia?


Yeah, that’s one awesome soundtrack. Never mind the film.


Dunno. Can’t beat The Matrix. Or even Flashdance: songs able to carry a movie with such a shallow plot.



This documentary on street cats in Istanbul (available on Youtube) is simply fantastic. Watch it now and thank me later.




The soundtrack, though good, wasn’t as iconic. The remake -ugh- lost that, among other things.

Praying to the gods of good taste that they may never do a remake of Flashdance. Or at least, do a Xanadu first and fall flat on their noses.


Hate to correct you but no. I mean these two alone:

Also how can we forget Top Gun:

Wow, that kenny loggins. He was everywhere wasn’t he.


By comparison. See that I wrote “as iconic”. And Footloose had a bit more of a plot/conflict, heck, I’d go out on a limb and say “meaning”.

In the other movies mentioned, songs and flashy -or rather, fleshy- images move you along.

Oh, yeah, Keeny Loggings was The Man of the Hour…for a while.


That’s a great movie. Something that struck me about it is despite being a comedy it is also quite dark.


Hitman’s bodyguard was a good laugh

Stupid as shit as most movies are these days
But entertaining enough

Elodie Yung was cute



…Yeah, my original statement still stands.

Flashdance, 6 million certified copies sold

Footloose, 9 million certified copies sold

Footloose has both a higher rating and more individual votes in every major film database (google it).


Ehem, my point was that a brain dead movie like Flashdance could get high ratings and lasting fame on a cool soundtrack that made up for lack of plot. Footloose having higher ratings is no surprise as a better structured movie that did not solely depend on good tracks…or wet dances.

Now, the numbers prove which soundtrack was more successful in sales. That it has higher ratings was my point, too. It is logical. I still hold that the soundtrack of Flashdance is what made it last. As to define which oen is better, then we would need an impartial music analyst, who would kill us both for wasting his time on pop music.

Maybe the music of Flashdance might not have been “better” than Footloose, but it did manage to compensate for faults that Footloose did not have.

Imagine trying to make a remake of Flashdance these days without stepping on all the landmines. A strip club. Boss/employee relationship. The half naked at the restaurant gag. Love the movie but gosh. Now unfortunately Footloose got remade, pitfalls were other stuff.

Heck, we couldn’t even get Detroit. Not to mention steel mills in Detroit.


It took me a while to gather enough courage to watch Death Note. First I had to convince myself that there was a remote chance it might be worth spending 100 minutes of my life watching it. Then I made some mental gymnastics, trying to figure out all the ways in which this movie could disappoint me and collected them in a “basket of low expectations” in order to reduce the chances that my opinion on the movie could be influenced by my opinion on the anime.

Holy shit, it was one of the worst things I’ve seen in years. I don’t understand how is it possible for Netflix to range from really good/great shows to this load of wank.


Japanese anime made by Americans into live action movies are not good trend…continues.


My condolences. As to how and why, well, for example, my coworker was gushing on how much she liked it. I asked her: have you seen the Japanese versions? And she said no. Figures. So if you have not seen it before/know what it is about you may be just think, oh cool premise.


I’m glad you referred to her as “my coworker” and not “my friend”, it’s good to avoid any association with people who enjoyed this movie.

I can see the appeal to the concept itself, which is what lured many viewers to the anime and made it a great success. For me there’s no way to judge the movie separately from the source material, though, and it’s shite. There are some movies that can often be enjoyed better by people familiar with the original source (Dune is the first one that comes to my mind), while Death Note seems like it can only be considered acceptable by people who have never watched the anime, because anyone who did so can only consider it appalling.

I can’t even sue Netflix over a pirated movie, fucking patriarchy.