What Movies Are You Watching? —2017—


Ok, I’ve never seen the anime. I heard good things about it, but I think I was catching up on Naruto or watching Gundam at the time, so I never added to my queue or got around to watching it. I’ll give the movie a go and report back.


Lol gotcha, point taken.


I saw Death Note. I like the idea in general but the direction and the star weren’t great. I haven’t read the books or seen the original series or movie. Perhaps I’ll check them out because by all accounts they’re much better.

There are some big issues I have with the new Netflix movie. One thing that bugged me: They needed to explain better why L thinks the killer needs the face/name of the person to kill them. The mental leap he makes is ridiculous. They needed to show Light willing to kill those involved in the investigation to protect himself, and perhaps their deaths coming immediately after they reveal their face and/or name. It would have helped L put 2 and 2 together. It would also help L figure out that Light is the one responsible because he was unwilling to kill his father. The makers seemed overly concerned with trying to make Light a hero (who kills people).

I also would have preferred if the Ryuk thing was an impartial onlooker. I don’t really know what his role is supposed to be; that just struck me as being a little off.

So, yeah, never seen the originals but still didn’t like it much.


It suffers a bit from the “The Dark Tower” syndrome: too much source material to be squeezed effectively in a 1.5h movie. All your complaints wouldn’t apply to the anime because the relation between Light and L is extremely well developed, as well as Ryuk’s motivations, so I’d highly suggest you to give it a go because you’ll end up enjoying it a lot more than the movie.


I’d suggest the opposite…

It’s better to enjoy the vastly superior experience for the first time (anime) and watch a (shitty) movie later, rather than watch a (shitty) movie now but then having the superior experience already spoiled by the (shitty) movie.


I wonder if this can be applied to the Dragon Ball live action…

Any who, I just re-watched The Dark Knight and the movie just doesn’t lose it’s level of entertainment…ever.

TDK just makes you think, oh, movie is over now that “that” scene just happened, but the plot thickens every time!

So good.


Well, Death Note 2017 is bad, but not “Dragon Ball Movie” bad. Death Note does a terrible job at condensing 37 episodes into a single movie, plus the acting is shit-tier. Dragon Ball Movie has basically nothing to do with the Manga/Anime, it’s as if the person who wrote the screenplay of that thing had 0 idea about what was going on in the real show and had a vague knowledge based on memes and rumors.


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Hitmans bodyguard was good. Enjoyed it the whole way through. Samuel L Jackson is just too damn fun to watch.


We wanted to go see that this weekend, but it looks like it’s not showing anymore?


IDK where you are but heres the times of viewshow in xinyi
09/08 Fri 16:15, 20:25, 22:40, 01:00
09/09 Sat 09:35, 12:10, 16:15, 20:25, 22:40, 01:00
09/10 Sun 09:35, 12:10, 16:15, 20:25, 22:40, 01:00
09/11 Mon 09:50, 12:25, 16:30, 18:45, 21:00, 23:15
09/12 Tue 09:50, 12:25, 16:30, 18:45, 21:00, 23:15


Thanks! I was just glancing at the TaipeiMovies app and it didn’t have it listed. Now I realize it defaults to “popular movies” and not necessarily “now playing”. It showed up when I looked at a particular movie theater.


finding movie times is awful here.

But on another note, I always go to the viewshow in q square. IDK why no one goes to it, it isn’t packed even on a friday night unlike most places. And it’s really nice and clean. You can also get food with the foodcourt there and there’s a MRT stop to it. Not sure why no one goes to that one.


Taipei is a bit far for me to just go for a movie. I’m in Taoyuan City (county). Appreciate the tip, though.


I agree: it is the most convenient of theaters. Problem is it is overall more expensive than other movie places. And it does fill up on weekends. I have membership so I buy online and pickup, that helps. But it is over 80 to 120 ntd more per ticket than other theaters.


Oh that’s why. I thought the prices went up or something. But still, it’s significantly less crowded and it’s new and clean with nice size theaters. I don’t go to the movies enough to care about spending 100nt more for a better experience.


FYI over in the bay area our prices are around 12.75 after 5pm and about 8 before for the nice theatres

But a few nice theatres are having specials on Tuesdays . All day 5.75
Tax included all prices

So we try to go on Tuesdays
3D and Xd. Two bucks more

What are prices like over there now


I went to see “It” over the weekend. Not bad, but I think the movie loses something for people who are familiar with the story. I found myself waiting for certain story beats when I could have just been enjoying what I was watching. This is a better adaption than the 1990 version, but not by a lot. Good effects, some interesting scares, and great performances from all of the kids definitely made it worth watching. But they didn’t delve much deeper into the book when compared to the old version.


Vieshow (aka Warner Village), is still hovering at around 300NT/ticket. However, a lot of movie theaters have deals with banks and if you use your card on certain days, it’s buy 1 get 1 free or buy 1 and get the second highly discounted.

I go to Living Mall and used to get discounted tickets at 230NT/ticket. This year, with my Taishin Bank card, I get buy 1 get 1 free on weekdays and if I show a receipt that I spent over 480NT on my card to the register, I get the same deal on weekends.