What Movies Are You Watching? —2017—


Amazing I think those were the prices at warner when I Left Taiwan in 1999


I’ve gone to the Cinemark at the Living Mall a bit lately too. Price is good but the cinemas are generally tiny. I like Governor cinemas on Chang’an East Rd Section 2, right near Fuxing. $190 before midday and the cinema’s nice and big. It’s never been crowded when I’ve been there.

I went to Warner Village to watch a 4DX movie a while back (never again) and I think the ticket was about $550. The format will affect the price.


The trick is to play teh creadit card bonus. For Vieshow, if you buy normal ticket at the gate, it si 320 ntd, but it can be as low as 219 with Citibank or 192 with Taishin.

VIP also gets you points and discounts. My Ambassador VIP gives me 200 ntd for any ticket, no matter the creadit card/cash. It also give syou discounts on popcorn and chrros and stuff to stuff yourself while watching the movie…

…which are exhorbitant prices in most theaters anywhere.


It’s key to know which are the larger theater numbers at Cinemark. Anything around 6-9 are the larger theaters. To check that, just download their app and check the number of seats available in each theater. I think theater 8 is the only one that seats over 200. All the other larger theaters are around 150-200.

A few years ago I went to see the Eddie Peng Wong Fei Hong movie and it was showing in a tiny theater with a weird bulge in the ceiling that was blocking a small part of the screen if you were sitting too far back. Never again.

The bad thing about Cinemark is, if you don’t go see the movie on opening weekend and the following week, that movie gets pushed down to a smaller theater. I wanted to go see Baywatch (good thing I didn’t), but was two weeks late and it got pushed to a dinky 60 seater theater. No way.


Prices for drinks and popcorn was super fair when I was there
By comparison they are so expensive here that my wife and I almost never
buy any popcorn or soda watching movies here

Sometimes we buy one kiddie size for six bucks
Kiddie popcorn and kiddie drink

I myself have been weaned off them for years


Hhate those tiny dinky theaters. My living room is bigger. Could have stayed home for that.

Ambassador has this one on Emei Street that is giant screen, not IMAX but as big as you can get without getting there. It reminds me of the two floor theaters in the ol country. Alas, last one was being demolished last month, if I recall…for a parking lot. Beautiful art deco buidling, could have been a nice trendy cinematography museum or art movie center. But no, a parking lot. Not even a narco building.


+1 for Hitman’s Bodyguard.

Very entertaining movie!


This looks weird.

It must be a metaphor for something… hope Damon won’t get lost…again.


Selma sold her “class” to the devil though

She is better in a more refined role rather then as a puta gangstress


It was definitely unexpected, but I didn’t think it was too bad. Did you like her in Dusk 'til Dawn?


The Ambassador had the biggest screen in Taipei if not Taiwan I remember?

Has it been knocked down?


Nope. Not yet.


Didn’t see that movie. Worth watching?

Meantime, just saw AMERICAN ASSASSIN. Good movie !
Lots of action. Very believable action, cept for the final Nuclear bomb thing.

Go see it, its better then I thought it would be.


That’s laughable. The Dark Knight Rises for example is absolutely heinous. Hated that tripe.


You could say it’s Risible.


You’re not a geeked-out fanboy…you just wouldn’t understand. :sunglasses:


Care to explain why it was a master piece?

I’m curious because I have major mixed feelings about DK Rises.


Don’t worry, it’s not. And you don’t have to know Batman inside and out to objectively know the movie is, uh, let’s say, ‘inferior to the other 2 movies.’

I’m probably not the biggest Batman geek you’ll be able to find but I’ve read most of the major story lines through the years. The Dark Knight Rises was promising because it was influenced by at least 3 classic stories: Knightfall, No Man’s Land, and Dark Knight Returns. But Nolan doesn’t really delve deep into the stories to tell any of them to their full potential.

Dark Knight Return: Batman returns after 10 years. In the movie, he returns after 8 years. That’s about all they do with it. Oh, and his leg is shot. Even Batman vs. Superman made better use of this material.

No Man’s Land: Gotham is cut off from the rest of the world and overrun by criminals. In the book, it’s because of an earthquake. In the movie, it’s because of Bane and some bomb.

Knightfall: This is the big one. In Knightfall, Bane breaks Batman’s back. This was supposed to be the biggest influence but you basically just heard all of the similarities. In the original story, Bane slowly breaks Batman down with a slew of super villains before literally breaking him. Azrael takes over for Batman while he’s out of action.

So you have these 3 classic Batman stories hinted at, none of which are really used properly. They just jammed too many iconic moments into one story and none of it works.


IT: eh, it’s ok.I was worried it would be absolute hype-fueled shite, it turned out to be entertaining enough. The fact that King claims it to be a masterpiece, along with The Dark Tower, clearly shows he’s only in it for the shekels. A few things annoyed me a lot because IT shouldn’t be about jump scares and loud sounds, but that’s how mainstream horror movies roll right now. Not worth a cinema ticket for me, but entertaining enough to watch.

Mother! : hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa what a load of wank, couldn’t get past half. I’ve read somewhere that Jennifer Lawrence is thinking about taking some time off from acting? No shit man, sort yourself out. This is just embarassing, and the fact some “movie critiques” gave it high scores before the movie was released is shady as fuck. I know many production companies do it, but I wonder how much money changed hands in order to get good reviews to this piece of garbage.

Thank God for piratebay.


Sorry, I should have been clearer. I’m not a geeked-out fanboy, so I have no idea why it’s considered a masterpiece either. :grin: