What Movies Are You Watching? —2017—


I was aware Rises had hints of Dark Knight Returns in there, but wasn’t aware of the others. I’m also no comic book geek, mostly grew up on manga, but love the comic book movie genre.

I just felt like…it was too predictable. However, this is coming off of The Dark Knight movie, where you just didn’t know what would actually happen next or when the movie would actually end.


Why was this post flagged ?_?


Anybody who watches Fight Club 15 times must be a sociopath?


I’m glad I don’t have a counter for how many times I watch movies. The Thing must be above 100 views for me, starting when I was 5.


I guess you must be delighted it is coming back on the big screen. BTW, why is it being shown again in cinemas?


The Thing? What did I miss? Another remake/reboot?


Fight Club. Same old movie, back in cinema, Taipei is next week. I mean commercial cinemas, not just a few showings for a special event or festival.


Oh, I didn’t know. Eh, I’ve already watched dozens of times, not excited about going to the cinema for that.
The Thing on big screen would have been glorious, I was too young when it was released.


Well, The Thing was a damn fine movie, so you kind of get a pass. Um, on second thought, we should still probably keep an eye on you. That alone is probably OK, but when looked at in light of your extreme weather religion and unacceptable political views…a more disturbing pattern begins to emerge.


Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu Yilan wgah-nagl fhtagn


The new Kingsman is fun, I enjoyed it almost as much as the first one.


I turned on the tv before dinner time last night and to my surprise, Disney’s Pocahontas was on HBO. Like Mulan, one of the true hidden gems of classic Disney animated movies.

I turned it on right as Pocahontas was going to sing “Colors of the Wind”. The feels.


Are you sure you have a girlfriend? :sunglasses:






Has anyone watched the new Blade Runner?
I’ve been reading some decent/good reviews.


Only cam versions available online so far…waiting for a decent screener to come out.


It starts tomorrow in Taiwan’s theaters. Sold out.

Really hyped about seeing it, critics love it, audiences love it. So far, so good.


There aren’t movie theaters in your town?

Seeing it on Saturday. Very stoked.


OK, OK, this one probably deserves to be seen on the big screen. Maybe I’ll shell out for a first-run ticket.