What Movies Are You Watching? —2017—


I am thinking this deserves IMAX.


That’s my issue; if it’s a good-enough reboot of the Blade Runner franchise I’d be glad to watch it at the cinema, but if it turns out to be on the same level as Prometheus I’d give it a pass.

Ps: with 34589 different versions of a single movie, I consider Blade Runner to be a franchise on its own


I actually enjoyed Prometheus, but not enough to shell out for a first-run ticket. I hope the same isn’t true for the Bladerunner reboot. In any case, I doubt it’ll be worth laying down big bucks to see in IMAX. I guess Icon is a gambler by nature.


She’s the 1%.



Ok, I am a big spender, but this one is highly recommended. So far, I have not seen hints of a disaster, which in this current state of the movie industry, is more frequent than a decent film.

I also have bad eyesight and I am told the visuals are espectacular. If they work on the same line as the previous incarnation, they are worth a big screen.


Waiting breathlessly for your breathless review. If Icon gives it a thumbs up, I’ll shell out for a first-run ticket…and maybe even popcorn. :sunglasses:


Make it churros for me.


So far, all my pals who have seen Blade Runner are quite satisfied. On that note, check this upcoming second part of another futuristic tale:


Jesus, that was the worst soundtrack I’ve heard in a very long time. The first movie was epic, I hope they won’t turn it into a Transformer’s style clusterfuck.


Pacific rim? Can’t comment on the movie itself, but the score is by one of my favorite modern up-and-coming composers, Ramin Djawadi – You might recognize his other works, from the opening title of Game of Thrones, to the original Iron Man music, to the Westworld theme:


Hereby lies the danger. I was also like eeeck but the first one was epic. Did felt a bit Transformerish. And all those youngsters look more like Power Rangers than anything else. Friggin Hollywood obsession with youth.

I loved the homage in the first one to the meccas like Mazinger and Evangelion. Hope this one keeps that line.

Oh and that music is awesome. Djawadi really knows how to establish a mood.


The score of the first one was amazing, the soundtrack of the trailer for the second movie made me want to throw the a/v receiver off the window.


Saw blade runner 2049. Could have been shorter. But overall, good.


Which one(s) tickles your fancy?


One criticism of movies I have lately is theyre all over 2 hours these days. With some movies that’s great, but with some it seems completely unnecessary with too many slow and boring parts.


Kingsman was really good. Overall a fun movie.


geo storm was fun. Some of the really cheesy and poor delivered lines killed it a bit. But Wasn’t as bad as I imagined it.


Anybody try the McG horror movie “The Babysitter” on Netflix? I saw some bad reviews but I quite enjoyed it. It’s a stupid horror movie, sure, but it works in that capacity. It’s also not as funny as a ‘horror comedy’ should be (some jokes worked, some didn’t) but it was a quirky horror film that I actually found very intense at times.

I also caught The Dark Tower recently. Also not as terrible as the reviews had me believing. It’s a pretty linear story - nothing too surprising - so it’s a little disappointing when you consider the source material. That aside, I thought it was fun enough.

Not rushing out to re-watch either but I enjoyed them both for what they were.


I am not going to see it. They told me they kill Daniel Wu. :rage:


Holy carp, if Mr Lin watches that move he’ll have a meltdown of epic proportions.