What Movies Are You Watching? —2017—


Who’s that? :thinking:


The guy who sees racist people everywhere and often writes cringy threads here. He’s been quiet for a while, must be plotting some terrorist attack to obtain respect, or something.


Not that they wrote him a good role anyways. It’s mildly entertaining but not really that epic for a movie called geo storm


I saw Thor last night.

Enjoyable and definitely took a very Guardians of the Galaxy tone, which is never a bad thing.

For those going to see it, there’s two end credit scenes!


I’m looking forward to Thor, more so than the 2 previous Thor movies. Looks like it could be a whole lot of fun.

If you like the new Thor, the director previously did a hilarious ‘mockumentary’ called “What We Do In The Shadows” (with Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Concords). It’s on Netflix. Low budget but worth a watch if you like ridiculous horror-comedy.


Sweet. Gonna go see Sunday :D.


I watched Power Rangers (2017) thinking it would give me some nostalgia to the series and the 1996 movie.

It didn’t.

The movie started off pretty good with a very quick backstory to what the main plot was going to be. I do like how the rangers aren’t always wearing the color of their power crystals, but you kind of get the vibe of which teen is what color.

The teens really embodied the “attitude” part of Zordon’s criteria for rangers to a point where it was a bit too much, but I saw that the movie wanted to go in a different direction.

What it lacked most was…actual action scenes where the rangers kicked butt. Probably a total of 15 minutes of the movie were the rangers “fighting”.

The level of corniness that came with the original series (and first movie) was just…not there. Which is probably why I didn’t like the 2017 version too much. It might’ve taken itself too seriously.


Was Zordon being racist?


Latest Thor movie was pretty good. I expected it to be very ho hum. But it turned out to be a bit of ok. Worth seeing for six bucks a head, but not for twelve on Movie Tuesday at the local cinema here .


Thor was fun.

Waiting on justice league to come out.


I really enjoyed it. The graphics were fantastic and some really good witty lines. Had me laughing out loud.


I wish the Justice League movie was more awesome than it is now. The WW film gave me hope. Maybe JL2 will be better, now that we know Joss Whedon will be there from the get go.

I’m seeing Thor: Ragnarok again next week. Fun times.

For non-superhero movie fare I recommend Molly’s Game. It’s written by Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, A Few Good Men, The Social Network, etc.) and is also his directorial debut. Having worked in film & tv for as long as he has, I’m surprised it took him this long to finally want to direct one of his own scripts. It’s a good one though. Jessica Chastain (Interstellar) plays the film version of a real life person in an incredible true story. Also starring Idris Elba and Kevin Costner. Go see it.


Justice league wasn’t good?


Sigh. Why the heck can’t WB get a grasp of the character’s?


It’s actually not awful if you go in with realistic expectations, which I largely did. I even enjoyed parts of it. It’s not gonna be seamless having gone through the production process it did, with the original director leaving after shooting most of it and then subbed by a new filmmaker. Prevalent was a lot of baked-in issues that couldn’t have been helped if the replacement tried. It’s pretty much scenes hobbled together, some fun and some not so much. The villain was (again) entirely CG and weak, though.

But because his sub was Joss Whedon, I guess I didn’t realize in the back of my mind I’d secretly hoped that he could have magically saved it and made the film as a whole even somewhat good.

On the up side, I hear optimistic things about the DC films moving forward.


I heard Ben Affleck doesn’t want to be batman anymore. Shame, I thought he did a pretty decent job despite my doubts. His body actually fits how batman is suppose to be like being much larger compared to Christian Bale as much as I liked Bale. Batman is suppose to be a beast physically towering over everyone.


I saw it yesterday with the gf and we both liked it. We also agreed that it was better than BvS.

I went in with mid-low expectations because of BvS and wasn’t disappointed. The movie was highly entertaining and of course, Gal had a lot of screen time :kissing_heart::star_struck:

I honestly could not find any major plot holes, however, I don’t understand how WW and Aquaman couldn’t really injure Steppenwolf, but once Superman arrives and punches him once, everyone’s weapons and attacks start to hurt him. Is Steppenwolf’s kryptonite… Kryptonian knuckle sandwiches? Wtf bro?

The addition of the Flash was definitely a plus. I did like how his suit wasn’t a leotard and if you look closely, it definitely made it seem like he put it together himself.

Also, after the initial end credit scene, in Chinese subtitles, they actually state there’s more after the credits. I saw the movie at Vieshow in Xinyi. Now, I don’t know if this will happen in other theaters or comic book movies going forward, but I like it. This way I don’t waste timing Googling if there’s end credits and theater employees have more time to clean up for the next showing.

All in all, I liked it and I think it’s worth a watch. Some of it can be predictable, but I think it’s second best DCU movie under WW.


“Did you like that movie?”
“Well, it was better than syphilis”


This was my take away too. I had a few laughs, there were some interesting scenes… but nothing that made me get pumped like in Thor Regnarok. The first half hour or so was a mish-mash of scenes dedicated to trying to fill you in on everything and every one. DC are trying now, I guess, but they have a long ways to go. They’re at Thor Dark World, while Marvel are already light years ahead.

I wish they’d done more with Cyborg. There were so many interesting things they touch on but didn’t explore too thoroughly. If he gets a stand-alone movie, then fine, but you can’t tell us he’s evolving without showing more of it. You can’t pose the question whether he’s man or machine and just throw that story-line away.

But to their credit, they created a fairly linear story that even a 7 year old could understand and not poke holes in. Batman V Superman was so convoluted it turned off it’s entire audience. The only thing I can think of that they didn’t explain is why Superman’s death called Steppenwolf. Also I wish Darkseid had shown up. I was sort of expecting it after Steppenwolf name-checked him.

Something else I want to know: In Batman V Superman, Flash comes back to warn Bruce he was right all along (presumably about Superman). Is that something that’s going to pay off later or are they just forgetting about it? Are they doing Injustice League? Because they better hurry up. That wasn’t even touched on in this movie. They didn’t even explore the idea of Flash being able to travel through time.

One thing that was cool was seeing the green lanterns appear in the flash back.

Edit: Forgot to mention: the use of the old Batman and Superman themes was cool.


Is it just me or does Ben Affleck, Batman looks a bit out of shape. I get he’s suppose to older now. But he’s still batman.