What Movies Are You Watching? —2017—


I read that Jake Gyllenhaal is being considered as the new Batman. Nightwing (Robin grown up) yes, but Batman should have that tragic shadow of barely controlled rage. Jake can be dark, but I fear another Clooney.

I like Batfleck, for the record.


They also left out the Red Hood hook there, too. But you have the Joker floating around the same universe.


Don’t quote me on this, but Batfleck is supposed to be portraying Fran Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, Batman. In which, he does a pretty good job doing. This Batman is supposed to be well beyond his years and really really “big”. I think Batflect does a pretty damn good job portraying that character. If you saw JL, there’s some characteristics in the movie that are straight from Dark Knight Returns Batman that you see in Batfleck.

Despite Bale coming to my mind when someone mentions Batman. Props to Batfleck. I think he did a pretty good job portraying the character. Not a fan of his one liners in JL though…

YES! I wasn’t the only one that noticed. Good throwbacks.


I was thinking he was suppose to be much older and not his younger self. He did say he has been batman for 20 years now in the movie. And I would normally assume a A list actor who has all the resources to get in shape would not look that way unless it was on purpose for a big film like this. I mean don’t get me wrong, he’s not fat in the normal sense.

And I like Bale, he does a amazing job of acting. He’s an incredibly dedicated actor and was extremely fit for his role. But he isn’t large enough to be batman in my opinion. Ben is definitely a larger stature man fitting of batman and does a good job.


They did. Supe’s death drew out a swell of fear and uncertainty around the world. Those things live off fear.


Yep. They are planning a new trilogy with Jake, a younger Batman, bit more innocent.

But Batman is a man chased by his demons of guilt and fury, he will really have to shed the innocent look.

In otehr unrelated news, they have INJUSTICE, complete editions, for 875 NTD at Eslite. Big temptation…


Lol, you would.

Okay, so here’s some nerd-level comic book science you’d like:

Some big comic book guy told me WW also has Zeus’ powers - and she did show it once towards the end of her solo movie when she took in and manipulated the lightning bolts she was hit with. Weird that didn’t she use that power - I mean supes did X-ray vision, heat vision, freeze breath, strength, speed, etc pretty much everything he’s got in this one movie. Meanwhile we just barely saw her fly. Also where’s all that super speed from the earlier terrorist/robbery scene? Wtf lol. Even within this movie itself she was already operating on at least Mach 5.4/hypersonic speeds. If they were consistent, it woulda been so damn cool to see Flash & WW work some tag team combo moves in that underground fight scene.


It’s just you, fella. He looks ripped in JL, pretty much identical to BvS.


No man, straight or gay would deny that she’s gorgeous and would pay x amount of dollars just to see her on the big screen. However, I’ve been a fan since Fast5. Fell in love after WW though. :star_struck:

So we’re going to go into nerd-level discussion again.

I agree, I feel like they played up Steppenwolf early in the movie. A horde of Amazonians couldn’t take him down, the God Killer couldn’t take him down and then when Supes arrives, he just get wrecked and bleeds from the nose after one punch. What bugs me is, it’s very well known that Diana and Clark are somewhat equal in terms of raw power, so why wasn’t WW enough to take him down? I guess it’s the move along the plot, otherwise, the movie would’ve ended very early

I think they could’ve done a lot of cool stuff when it came to team work, but I think the lack of it works fine. It’s very clear none of them fully trusts each other and they all just met. It would be too much for me to handle of chemistry was amazing amongst so many individual characters.


Honestly, I can’t even say different :wink:.

Well supes did score that first punch by sneaking up on Steppenwolf. It was a surprise attack that landed effectively.

Also, not to say that anyone thought Diana was in any real danger fighting Step, but WW fought Doomsday with gusto to spare, and Supe’s attacks seem level with hers in that battle. Who do you think wins in a Doomsday/Steppenwolf deathmatch?

Yeah, but the discovery that they can super-collab like no other allies have ever been able to - it could’ve been that exact trust building process.


Doomsday feeds on power and grows stronger by each and every attack. One weakness: he’s kryptonian.

Steppenwolf seems like he’s nothing without his weapon (that can be frozen and broken into pieces.) How does he die? Gets eaten by his minions. Lame.

Honestly, how is this even a competition?


Bud, watching not-awful justice league on the big screen totally made me want to rewatch totes-awesome WW again. Going into Warner Bros tomorrow to do just that. Gosh darn, the little kid in me is so giddy :raised_hands:.


If that’s true, so weak and so not-thought-through on the filmmakers’ part. Sadness.


Check out Downsizing, everyone. It’s a delightful one. Recommend.

Saw it this past weekend and the Paramount marketing team even served us to-scale 5" sugar cookies. It was weird, cool, bizarre, tasty, all rolled into tiny, hairless matt damons:


Think I recall that, now that you mention it, yeah. The mother boxes calling him or something. It does raise more questions for me, but I’m fine to leave it alone. It wasn’t a fantastic movie but it was serviceable. And if I re-watched Batman V Superman, no doubt I’m definitely going to re-watch this.

Wonder Woman definitely gets my vote for the top movie in this series so far, with this probably being second.


Yo, @ranlee, What Movie Did I Just Watch? Hint:


Well, unfortunately the bar wasn’t very high to begin with. I was honestly sorta disappointed when Suicide Squad didn’t turn out to be as awesome as the trailers promised.

Anybody watching Pixar’s latest offering, Coco?


Probably going to see Coco this weekend. Looking forward to it. Taking my eldest just because I need an excuse to go see a Pixar cartoon.

Suicide Squad was no better or worse than I expected it to be, so I walked out with a general shrug saying, ‘okay then’.


With the allegations of sexual harassment against John Lasseter coming out, I wonder if there will be any calls to boycott the new Pixar movie.


I Wife dragged me to ragnarok last week and this week to justice league

I’m so tired of CG and bash me ups
I want a return to great acting and movies that could be real. Or at least border on reality.

But I guess if you had to see a movie both of these were not too bad

Would I see either again?
Not even for free

But entertaining enough for a date, watch it and then go home and throw each other around

Movies influence your mood for a few hours later