What Movies Are You Watching? —2017—


@ranlee I’ll give you a cookie if correct on first guess.


I assume you read the reviews before going in. I wasn’t able to.

No one ever needs an excuse to watch a Pixar movie.


No one should ever read a review before going to see a movie.

Your perception of the movie will be solely based on that review.

I’ll get to guessing your movie soon. I don’t get speakers on the work comp!


You know I just wanted to give you a cookie. Happy thanksgiving :cookie::turkey::maple_leaf:



Lmk what you think of coco!


Just saw The Bold, the Corrupt, the Beautiful (血觀音)and was surprised by how good it was. I hardly ever see Taiwanese films (as I can’t stand most of them) but it was shockingly well-tailored and well-acted. The best part about it is probably how it incorporates Taiwanese elements in a very nuanced and natural manner. The story sounds like what you’d see in daily soap opera, but the execution is very artistic and mellow.

Also, it was very feminist. You rarely see movies about politics and corruption where all the main characters are women, not even in Hollywood, whereas in this film the men are barely even sidekicks.


I took my kids to watch Coco the weekend before last. Really enjoyed it, as did the kids.

Here’s the thing… all I’ve heard since it came out is how bad the Disney short “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” is. This really frustrates me because I can’t understand why people are mad. Both of my kids were excited to see the Frozen characters on screen and were smiling through it. It was a generous “short” at 21 minutes (I took my kids to the movies so it’s not like I had anywhere else I needed to be!) and it had a few moments I found charming. I don’t get the backlash. I really don’t. It didn’t cost me any more for the tickets, it was just an added bonus.

But, again, Coco was a great movie.


I loved Coco. It made me cry, and I don’t usually cry at movies. Pixar has really outdone itself this time. Made me miss my grandparents. I think the Frozen short was good, but my son kept asking me if we went into the wrong auditorium.


Looks like Quentin Tarantino will be making the next Star Trek movie. Seeing as my knowledge of Star Trek encompasses just a single movie (2008? 2009?), I’m guessing many of y’all will have a much stronger and more informed opinion than me. Discuss.


I’ve been trying to find links of Coco and Call Me By Your Name and Lady Birds online but always to no avail.


Download links? Unless it’s Oscar season, there won’t really be screeners so the most you could hope for at this point is cam. They’re becoming rarer, I believe. As the time between theater runs and home video becomes smaller, people just wait it out to get a proper version.


Well Oscar season is just around the corner. The critics’ awards are already rolling.


They already have the sountrack on sale here in Taipei. Got mine in Ximenting. :rofl:


Well I want to see the film more.


The awards season is Nov-Feb. I’ve already gotten plenty of screeners. We also don’t condone illegal spread of IPs here. If you’re interested in Call Me and Lady Bird, you must be a fan of cinema - support the filmmakers, please. They’re not Marvel, they need every ticket sale they can get.


The thing is they are out in the cinema here like next February. If they were already out I might support them.


Also - I can confirm Call me by your name and lady bird are both very delightful. You won’t regret taking the trip to the theater.


Oh. Dang. :confused:


Besides, with American filmmakers, even independent films, the support is just not so convincing as ultimately, they are doing fine. There’s probably more incentive to support local cinema, or the cinema of any other country, as they are usually short on fundings.


Not true. <- First hand account.


Well, maybe not debut directors and producers, but Luca Guadagnino and Greta Gerwig were already acclaimed years before CMBYN and Lady Bird.

Besides, I kinda hate going to the cinema. I really prefer watching things at home where I can pause and pee and eat whenever I want.