What Movies Are You Watching? —2017—


Sure. They are quite privileged among the indie film circuit, and I’m not sure if call me qualifies as indie (would have to look at their prod budget to determine).

Sometimes screeners are physical copies, sometimes digital. If you still have a hard time finding official access those films, shoot me a message in a couple weeks.


You kill me. And Chris Nolan. And Tarantino.


Well, when we watch on DVD or MOD, some cent may get to them, right?

I buy a lot of Taiwan and HK productions, when I really like them, for safekeeping and support the Arts.



How’d you like coco?


You also need to add the Florida project to your list of must see. Willem da foe slays.


I will try to watch all the films in the running in the award season. At least the ones I’m interested in.


I’m not sure what you received, but I’ve heard Split, Logan, and Wonder Woman have gone out. Although those three are already out on DVD, BD and UHD. A DVD screener for them probably isn’t that exciting for you.

Do you vote?


I am glad that I saw it despite the criticism. My Mexican friend liked it too, and that says a lot. She was proud of the way it presented their culture. I can let go of the rest. Of the recent ones, my number ones are still Hero 6 and Inside out, they were awesome. This one is more like UP. Touching. Maybe it is because I still have The Book of Life fresh in memory. If it was by itself, I’d like it more.

And since we are being sincere, I LIKED Justice League. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It was logical, it was interesting, it had a couple of funny moments -though they are making the young guy too much like Spiderman, but that is what they think gets the young ones.

No way the DC universe can be as la la la as Marvel. I mean, Injustice storyline? Even on TV they are doing the Flashpoint storyline. heck, one of my favorites stories has Batman killing the Joker because teh Joker kills preganat Lois Lane. . It is supposed to be dark and gloomy and hopeless.


I thought Big Hero 6 was such cliché mediocrity. Of the recent ones I liked Zootopia the most.


Oh Zootopia is a cliche crasher, that is for sure. Sneaky social criticism. I liked that one too.

Big Hero 6 was Pixarlike in tugging heart strings. And I luv Daniel Henney.




Most of us are just super delighted that it didn’t totally suck. The humor is much of Joss Whedon’s doing, whose tone is still being continued in the MCU.


I like it a lot too, but it also stole the Oscar from right under Moana. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I liked Moana a lot as well, but I had to give the edge to Zootopia as it had more twists and was much more relevant society and education-wise. Moana, while excellent, had a pretty predictable plotline.

Te Fiti’s part was amazing, though. It really left me flabbergasted.


Blown away that you think that. Zootopia was screenwriting 101 formula. None of it surprised, even though it was still quite enjoyable and the animation thoroughly cute.

Moana on the other hand, bleeds inclusion and acceptance. It wasn’t preachy, it is inclusive because it simply is. The chicken did drive me nuts, though.

One is more organic and does more with less. I like the elegance of that. More twists doesn’t necessarily scream better to me.

Anyway, they’re both solid, but Moana will reverberate and have a longer, deeper, wider, and more lasting effect on kids for years to come.


I always assume in Justice League, I assumed all the humor was Joss Whedon but apparently the scene with the flash doodling on that jerk’s face was Snyder’s doing. I heard they’re thinking of doing Flashpoint for the Flash movie. I don’t know if that’s still a thing, but I would love it as it’s one of my favorite comics. Perhaps, because they already did a cartoon, they won’t bother.

I really don’t see much competition between the Disney and Pixar movies. I haven’t had a bad time with any of them. Zootopia was something special, as was Big Hero 6. Moana, fantastic. Coco, wonderful. Inside Out, superb. Brave, outstanding.

Okay, I’m not a huge fan of The Good Dinosaur. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, I just remember the magic of The Land Before Time when I was younger and I didn’t get that same buzz off it.

Neither company has made any major missteps that I can see. Some of the movies you could perhaps say were formulaic, but they all have some wonderful elements that make them special. Zootopia, I think it’s only weakness is the ‘in your face’ social commentary. I don’t think the script - from the dialogue to the plot - were exactly screenwriting 101, but whoever wrote in that allegory needs a lesson in subtlety.


The humor is too… Western. There were several cultural references that went above the Taiwanese head -fist bump, for instance. I cracked by myself several times…which is kinda disturbing in an 800 people theatre. It was matinee, half full, thank goodness.


And one more time: WB’s animated movies of the superhero universe: AWESOME beyond awesome most of them. That is why we are so dissapointed that they are so consistent in blowing it up when it comes to live movies. They have the right stories, good actors… Result is splat kaput.


There’s a 30 movie blu-ray set for the DC animated movies but I wouldn’t bite on it until it’s lower than US$100 (I’m probably dreaming but I have a price tracker set). I haven’t seen all of them, but I enjoyed Flashpoint, Killing Joke (except for the first 20 minutes or so, that was weird), Dark Knight Returns, Under the Red Hood, Son of Batman (I enjoy the Grant Morrison Batman run a lot and the movies did a fairly good job of incorporating those stories). And a few others I don’t recall. I haven’t scratched the surface.

Live action movies: they’re trying to catch up to Marvel and that’s not the way to do it. Marvel have built up this whole universe we’re invested in to the point where they can have this huge 30+ cast movie coming next year and we don’t think it’s going to be a complete mess. At least I don’t, I’m excited.

Oh, yeah, and on topic: Recently watched The Hitman’s Bodyguard and Atomic Blonde with my wife. We both really enjoyed The Hitman’s Bodyguard and were ‘meh’ on Atomic Blonde. Atomic Blonde does have this one action sequence toward the end that is amazing. Worth watching just for that, I think.


Look, Infinity War can be a mess and people would see it. The heroes are elastic, no one will kill Iron Man or Captain America, they are resilient and so the people know ther will eb a happy ending.

DC, working with darker material, wants to do a reverse Harry Potter, go from darkness and gloom to light and fluffy and funny. Ain’t gonna work.


Dude…Land Before Time was the shiz. It came out right when I was going through my dinosaur phase. Jurassic Park did too, watched it and I lost a ton of sleep hahaha

These two were definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen. Not even just animated.