What Movies Are You Watching —2018—



Most people agree that the first one was better. You can literally ask anyone who’s seen both (other than Andrew).

They probably butchered it afterwards because what I saw in the cinema was plain bad. And I didn’t exactly walk in expecting to see a masterpiece circa Cries and Whispers. I really like the novels, but I’ve always had reasonable anticipations regarding any film adapted from novels, especially novels catering teenagers/YA.

By people I meant those who’ve seen enough films, not just anyone on the street.


I am enjoying Narcos Mexico.


“Tank Girl” is an older movie on AMC channel lately. Looks bizarre yet interesting maybe comedic sc-fi but haven’t had a chance to catch it.


It is based on a comic…bordering on anime/hentai.


Watching Crazy Rixh Asians from redbox now

So far so good but it kinda reeks of say a Chinese Black Panther , like glorifying the Asian ethnic like black panther glorified the black ethnic

The vast majority of Asians are not like nor live that crazy of a life

Sort of like a Bollywood. Portrayal of obscene wealth for the common Indian to dream about

But a Chinese version

They really could’ve portrayed the same story but lowered down the wealth a bit to be Much more realistic

The basic mom and daughter in law rivalry can be a good foundation for a good movie


I thought Crazy Rich Asians was going to be a ridiculous, over-the-top comedy so I was pleasantly surprised it was a sort of rom-com drama. It has some problems, though. I do think it benefits by being about a ridiculously rich family just because it doesn’t need to be entirely accurate or show what’s “typical.”


But it’s called crazy rich Asians, they have to be crazy rich. They didn’t call it middle class Asians. I didn’t like it either. I thought it punched below it’s weight, could have been so much better. And that side affair from the insecure husband was pointless, idk why they even added it there.


I genuinely don’t get that. She goes on a rant about her coddling him, but they don’t really show him being a petty, jealous asshole or anything. He says its her fault, she says its his. She hides her shopping from him, but he says himself he’s fine with it. Maybe I missed him doing something dicky.


He cheated on her because he didn’t like living like a crazy rich Asian from her money in a rolls Royce where he decides to break up with her. Yes. Great side plot.


The message seemed to be that it’s emasculating for Asian men to have a wife who makes more money than they do.


What’s emasculating about riding in the back of a rolls Royce? Idk it felt like it wasn’t well developed and could have been cut out as it is.


Yeah, they pretty much left it at the level of two-dimensional stereotype.


Yeah, the look at me, I can play mahjong. Aren’t you impress with my asian skills now!?


Good grief the Chinese music used in the movie is older than the hills


I watched Robin Hood last night. Do yourself a favor and do not watch it. The visuals are pretty cool and nicely action packed. But not enough to make me wish to fast forward every scene when they talk. Horrible story writing.


Overlord was really entertaining. Not a great movie but fun to watch, especially in a nice theater.


Stay until they talk about the music.


Anybody seen Hereditary?

Production was by the very young A24, which in its very short life has produced some great movies including
Ex Machina
The Spectacular Now
Green Room
The Witch
Under the Skin
The Florida Project
Lady Bird
A Prayer Before Dawn

… and many more.

Hereditary kicks off just after the death of an estranged mother (to Toni Collette’s character) and active grandmother (to Toni Collette’s peculiar daughter). It’s a slow burn, supernatural horror movie but imo Hereditary is neck and neck with Rosemary’s Baby.

I really liked it.

A24 has produced no “universe” or superhero movies, to its credit. Nice to see an American film production company bolstering its bottom line with thinking schlock while also making fine independent films like The Spectacular Now and Ex Machina. They’ve also just entered into a non-first-look deal as producer of original content for Apple, for what that’s worth.

Edit: so it turns out A24 did not produce Ex Machina or The Witch; instead they acquired the distribution rights to both (A24 is also a film distribution company). Still they have a great eye for films portraying real people in good stories, whether they produce or only distribute them.


I watched it in theaters when it was released. I like those types of scary movies that draw from real life horrific experiences, like grief and mental illness and so on. Plus Toni Colette was amazing in it, as usual. She’s always a treat to watch.


I like the girl who sings in the movie , she sings well and has a nice voice
Just that they sorta sang a lot of songs to please the old crowd …like people that were 70 year old in the 70s or something.

But then I like Fleetwood Mac and they are around 75 years old …dang

And that spoof was pretty funny