What Movies Are You Watching —2018—


I do prefer the “based on real events” movies. Goodbye Christopher Robin and Professor Marston and the Wonder Women are both on a must see list.

Haven’t seen Geostorm. I luv Daniel Wu but as with The Great Wall, I will wait until it comes on cable.

Blade Runner is beautiful…but I found it confusing and somewhat not satisfying enough. The story is there, though. I have the feeling they want to make it one of the reboot franchises so popular these days.


Anybody else see the Black Panther trailer before Star Wars: The Last Jedi in IMAX? The 3D on that trailer had depth like I’ve never seen before in a movie. I was planning just to watch it at my typical cheap theater but that trailer made me decide to go all out on the IMAX experience.

I agree that it should have been more satisfying but I don’t know if it was really all that confusing. It’s a lot more straight forward than the original movie.


The foreigner I saw on dvd
Based on the book The Chinaman
Which this movie should have had the balls to be called was really good

Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan
Saw it twice
Was that good

Saw Unforgiven on dvd again
Great movie
Made as movies should be made

Based on a French movie of similar plot
I’d like to see that one too


I watched The Maze Runner the other day.

As I had zero clues as to what the plot was aside from the fact that there’s a maze and people run. It was a nice surprise and entertaining movie.

I do like how the movie just keeps you guessing and yay for Asian American actor Ki Hong Lee being an integral part of the movie. Glad to see he didn’t need to play the stereotypical Asian American kung fu or nerd character.


I love that you care enough to follow this. To even watch most of the (potential) nominees. Awesome. I’d invite you to the Oscar viewing party if I could.


I’m not one for football, but I do like how it’s a platform for studios to release new trailers.

The new Jurassic World trailer definitely gives a, The Lost World, kind of vibe. From the trailer, it’s clear that this reboot is going in the same plot line as the original. “They” go back to the abandoned island, Ingen comes in and makes bad decisions and the dinos end up in civilization.

My reaction is: freakin’ a Tom Cruise doesn’t get old.

I’ve always been a Mission Impossible fan. So I won’t skip out ont his one. Interesting to see this one has a tie in with the previous one, being that the villain seems to be the same?

There’s a few other trailers, but these stood out to me.


Fell asleep during it. I don’t get why anyone likes it.


Notice they wisely brought Ferguson back. Smart move.


Smart move?

As in…?


Saw Flight again on dvd
Really a good movie see it if you ain’t have


The movie has its flaws, but Denzel is excellent.


? Ferguson was boss in previous film. Widely lauded as the stand out.


Three Billboards left me feeling depressed.


Ah, I thought it had something to do with her other film appearances.

Agreed she was BAMF in the previous film. I wonder what her role this time around will be like.


Yikes. It should have had an opposite(ish) effect…


Redbox rental tonight:

quite fun and entertaining. worth a see indeed


Black Panther was decent. I was convinced the 3D would be good and it wasn’t anything special, so I wouldn’t recommend paying extra for it. Otherwise a solid Marvel entry, pretty faithful to the comics. Wish it was as funny as Thor Ragnarok or Guardians of the Galaxy though. I guess I just expect it at this point. There was one good laugh and a few dud jokes.


Peter Rabbit was excellent
Take your kids , the ones at the showing yesterday laughed a lot


Doesn’t come out here until April, but I’ve got an eye on that for the kids.


I enjoyed black panther a lot. The film score was f’n awesome, as was the soundtrack by kendrick lamar. What’s really outstanding and great is the villain - he’s definitely up there among the marvel villains, nearly as good as loki.

“Death over bondage.”

Dang. So real.