What Movies Are You Watching —2018—


Got to see Sloane today. Wow. So relevant to today. Aside from being a very quick paced movie that keeps you glued to the screen.

For lighter fare, currently waiting for my beloved:

This is not what I expected, with Takeshi Kaneshiro, plays on channel 62 at 9pm tonight - shot was taken yesterday.


Google Play has a lunar new year special that lets you rent any movie at 5NT. I got Aliv. It’s definitely a mishmash of topics that only Taiwan can pull off. The acting is pretty amazing as well.


I decided not to rent DVDs or anything for CNY, just watch whatever comes on tv. Oh boy.

Cried a lot with Turn Around. I wish I could share it with my fellow university classmates now teachers back in the old country.

However, I have met a bunch of unwatchable films. La la land. Assassins creed. Me before you. Boardman. Spy. Started Kungfu Yoga like 3 times. And the worst of all: the Star Wars trilogy of this century, episodes 1 to 3 have aged much worse than 4 to 6, in spite of or rather thanks to the Muppets.


Lalaland was surprisingly good . Thought the worst, came away entertained.


Did you feel like the movie itself was overshadowed by everything surrounding the movie? Things like the black cast, director, the research behind the costumes and things like that overshadowing the movie? Don’t get me wrong, the movie was great and enjoyable, but everything I am reading after it is about how it’s ground breaking.

The soundtrack is the dopest dope. Dopest dope.


Loved Black Panther, but I thought the movie could’ve used another 30 minutes… everything felt a tad rushed?


Nope. I wasn’t following the press coverage at all, so had minimum background going in. What I did hear was the critical lauding and quality praise, which then sadly prepared me to expect The Godfather: Marvel Edition, and that it was not. Though my expectations were high, I think my relatively mild interest in the film (just wanted to see any hints of Infinity War) in retrospect helped a lot. Having seen it, and now reading articles, etc., the social aspect of the movie feels like a nice supplement.

Also, I really dug the score. Especially Killmonger’s Challenge, from 01:28-02:49:


Just a PA, Lamar’s Black Panther is available on vinyl and cassette for pre-order here:

The soundtrack will be available later on in the year.


Lol, I finally find a person who had a same opinion with me!


I went to the movie theater then I gone for after I waste my an hour.


I was probably the last person in the world who hasn’t seen Straight Outta Compton (missed a screening and then never got to it that season, always been meaning to since), but fixed it yesterday. Good stuff, lived up to the hype.


Got my gf to finally watch it with me. She doesn’t like many American movies, especially ones with heavy slang because she doesn’t understand it. But she enjoyed it after giving it a chance.


I don’t understand how marvel can make black panther and also make the iron fist. Hollywood’s imaginations of Asia and Asian characters is so limited it’s sad.

I mean technically they’re both old comics but still.


I watched Call Me By Your Name last night. It really isn’t great. I do think the kid who played Elio is very talented though. And the scene with the peach was good.


I’ll never look at a peach the same way again.


Despite the fact that bp is a superhero movie, the story is very character focused and empathetic to their human experience. That is universal and transcends language. Glad she liked it.

I just found the show soul-suckingly boring, which was what daredevil s2 (outside of the punisher parts) and the back half of luke cage were - but glow knuckles took it to the extreme. Thin plot and meandering story are what plagues most netflix marvel shows so no surprise there, but even the action stuff came off tired and generic (whereas dd action scenes were nearly always fantastic). What are your complaints about iron fist?


Well I tried to be offended by the stereotypical plot of a white guy becoming a kung fu master in china town with a Asian woman as his love interest. But I was more offended by the horrible and i mean horrible choreography of fight scenes. It’s a embarrassment, Finn jones clearly did not put in the work and even his co stars clearly have way better fight choreography. If you’re going to have a kung fu master and I don’t care if he’s black, Asian whatever. At least find one that doesn’t just totally disrespect the art. And it isn’t the racial thing that Finn is white doing Kung fu, even the master Bruce lee fought for believing anyone can learn any martial arts.

One of the best fight choreography done in Hollywood is actually a show called into the badlands with Daniel WU. I don’t know if you had a chance To see it. The show itself is ok; very different and interesting. But they put in a lot of work in training.


I was referring to straight out of Compton. She’s been giving my movies more of a chance. She makes me feel old lol. Like some of the stuff I like she says is old. I tried to get her to watch oceans 11-13. But she says the movie looks old. She likes new movies if you know what I mean. I had to beg her to give forest gump a chance and she loved it.


I watched the original Night of the Living Dead last night. Such a great movie, of course, but most of what I want to say isn’t about that. The thing is, the new restoration from Criterion looks incredible.

The movie’s been in the public domain since release because the distributor screwed up. Because of that, the movie’s been widely available for years through many, many sources - but I’ve never seen a good quality version of it. Whether it was VHS, DVD or blu-ray, it’s always looked like crap.

The new transfer, according to the information I’ve seen, was scanned directly from the original 35mm negative. Considering how beat up every previous version of this movie was, I was just shocked at how good the end result was. Amazing! It improved the movie experience a lot, making a lot of the scenes much more disturbing.


Here here. The gf won’t watch the original Star Wars, Back to the Future, Top Gun, Indiana Jones and pretty much any movie that was released in the 80s…because they’re “old”.