What movies are you watching? (2021)

Infinity Chamber has great review comments IMDB.

It took me a bit to get into it. But really interesting story once you get curious.

Netflix Taiwan
News of the World
Tom Hanks

It was okay.

I think the last Hanks role (not including animated stuff like the Toy Story series) I enjoyed was ‘Captain Philips’ and that came out 7 or 8 years ago.

Just watched the Truman show. Haven’t seen it in many years. Holds up.

Also, I remember all kids are obsessed with the Bermuda Triangle for some reason. Maybe it’s a large set? Where’s my conspiracy theorist buddy at? (Sorry not tagging anyone for a stupid joke)


UFC fighter Michael Bisping documentary, immediately starts dramatically and continues throughout, can feel the adrenaline flowing just watching.

Good movie.

This one wasn’t bad…


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I think he’s best when he’s subdued and his natural happy go lucky attitude isn’t affecting the characters he’s playing. I’ve liked him in a few things, but can’t say I’m a huge fan. He’s a bit too folksy for me.

Saw ‘Donne Brasco’ (1997) over the weekend. Entertaining mobster movie, of course based on a true story. Not on the level of ‘Good Fellas’ or ‘Casino’, but solid acting and directing nonetheless. Speaking of subdued, nice to see Johnny Depp back when he acted in normal roles and wasn’t constantly trying to be wacky all the time. I miss that Depp. Pacino is also amazingly not too over the top in this. 8.5/10


I watched ‘There’s Something About Mary’ on Free Form yesterday. Didn’t exactly enjoy it though.

Tom Hanks was great in ‘Philadelphia’ in my opinion, I’m not really a fan of him as an actor but that performance really did it for me.

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A very creatively shot movie.

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Stretch, 2014, Chris Pine, Jessica Alba, wild funny ride

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very dark and violent Ben Affleck role.

Anything with Milla Jovovich is worth watching. It was pretty decent though.

The Snyder Cut off Justice League was a big improvement.

Godzilla VS Kong in a week and Mortal Kombat a few weeks after that.

Good popcorn flicks.

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This seems to be the Monster Island remake, yes?

The Oscar buzz is real, Minari is quite the gem. Stellar acting all around.


Really enjoyed this…an actual film. Lovely.

It’s a continuation of Universal’s Monsterverse.

I believe the order is Kong: Skull Island → The Mummy → Godzilla → Godzilla King of the Monsters → Godzilla vs Kong.

Looking forward to seeing it tomorrow. Finally some movies are being released in theaters. Really missed going to the theaters last year when everyone was deathly afraid of leaving their homes.


I thought about going to the theater, but it’s streaming on the 31st. Might as well watch it for free. MK is streaming right away too.

Will it all be available on HBO GO? If that’s the case, might as well go HBO streaming service. I have been dying to see Snyder Cut too.

Does it make sense for it to be available on HBO GO and be released in theaters though?

It’s 4 hours long. Do you want to sit in a theater for 4 hours?

If so, I got a pack of adult diapers, you are welcome to one or two as needed.

I’d love to watch it as God and Snyder intended on a large screen. My back and the rest of my body would not abide, though.