What movies are you watching? (2021)

‘Remains of the Day’ (1993). Good film, first time seeing it but @Gain and others had recommended it in the past. ‘Downton Abbey’ feel, but much more realistic (and obviously superior) in its depiction of stiff upper lip servitude to the aristocracy and what it costs one self in terms of identity and personal desires. Hopkins’ restrained depiction of a man who is so tied to his identity as a butler as to have become robotic in his speech and mannerisms is brilliant acting. 9/10


Funny, I saw both Pig and started Remains of the Day recently, independent of this forum, I think?

I thought Pig was awful. Not the concept I guess, that was cool, just the acting, the writing, the general quality of it. I like to watch Nick Cage stuff for it’s typical awfulness, don’t get me wrong, but this was not ‘supposed’ to be awful, and not good either.

I would have been much more satisfied if it was a pure revenge film, an idiotic romp. For me it was boring, even pretentious.

has anyone else seen this gem?

Ahhh the 2% :popcorn:

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Yep, I hated Crash too, and that won best picture.

Also thought it was super pretentious.

Not meaning to beat a dead horse, or dead pig, but you hit it on the head.

“You might go into Pig expecting one of two things: a pretentious movie claiming to be about a pig but gesturing at a variety of wider concepts, or a movie quite literally about a pig.”

No, I wasn’t expecting something pretentious, I just found it so.

Maybe I should dial back my description of ‘awful’ a little, but not much. To me it wasn’t nearly as good as many of the reviews. It was watchable, with a neat concept, but pretentious writing, I guess was my issue.

This may be my most drastic reaction against the popular opinion since Crash too. Crash was worse though, I literally laughed through the hollywood interpretation of racist interactions/dialog in that. That’s the movie that caused me to stop watching the Oscars.

Victim of the algorithm, another foreign language horror film. But…not bad!

No spoilers, but this could easily lead to a vampire sharknado spinoff!

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Pig was pretty good. Just finished it.
I can understand someone thinking it was too slow. I have no problem with slow pacing though.

Just finished it. Decent popcorn flick, but I wouldn’t want to watch a sequel.

Double movie night. :sunglasses:

I watched the Nic Cage “The Wicker Man” – sooo much better than the 70s version. It has crap ratings on IMDB while the old version has great ratings – definitely should be the other way around.

I watched Pig and it was completely not what I expected. I expected more smashed faces. I didn’t care for it all that much, and it left me sad at the end…

Watched The Conjuring 3 (in theaters) on Friday. Movie was meh but it was nice to be back in a theater…

Last night I watched Donnie Darko. And then a couple explainer videos… Strange movie.


cult classic, i thought it was weird and creepy the first time and having seen it a few more times my opinion has gone up

I spent a couple days binge watching The Flight Attendant. 8 Eps of around 45-50 minutes each. I found it entertaining. That girl can drink !!

The premise is that she has an alcohol problem.

Does the initial problem cause her to stop drinking or does she continue to drink throughout?

Pro-tip: Watch the original, not the supposed “director’s cut.” Richard Kelly ruined it by trying to over-explain stuff, adding crappy early 2000s CGI, and inexplicably changing what was a great soundtrack for lesser songs.

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She’s drinking throughout. Walks out of an AA meeting in a later Ep.

The Founder

About beginnings of McDonald’s, Michael Keaton, slightly entertaining.

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It was decent. I’m surprised McDonalds didn’t try to stop it.

this a thread fail JD?