What movies are you watching? (2021)

Did you find yourself rooting for the kidnapping rapist?

Steve Martin Martin Short, An Evening to Forget for the rest of your life, funny, very structured making the timing off, dated jokes, meh for me.

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Just hanging on for Dune, half in anticipation, half in dread. Anybody know the opening date in Taiwan?

September 16

Oooh, close!
My son was telling me there’s a Matrix movie and a new John Wick coming out about the same time, both starring Keanu Reeves. He says watching the previews, you can’t tell if it’s “The Matrix 4” starring John Wick, or “John Wick 4” featuring Neo.

I get those two mixed up with this.

Streaming is 10/22.

Magic in the Moonlight

Emma Stone eyes and face are captivating in a typical Woody Allen movie with quick direct period dialogue and lots of clarinet music. Ok movie, some may love it.

I see Hollywood is doing an American remake of Train to Busan. Of course, being set on Amtrak, they’ll have to use slow zombies.


Saw Shang Chi yesterday. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but WAY better than Black Widow and way better than I thought it’d be.


Just watched News of the World with Tom Hanks. Not terrible, amd it had some compelling and entertaining moments, but very slow. Some of the back story felt forced for the sake of the narrative, and overall it was pretty predictable.

And who can forget
Max Reload and the Nether Blasters? Kevin Smith had a bit part so it wasn’t all bad. Good movie when you run out of everything else to watch. Very, very cheesy.

You might be interested in that:

Hope this one lives up to the preview.


Me too. I think what made the first one interesting was the ideas at play, even if the whole “people as batteries” thing doesn’t make a lot of sense if you think about it.

If they put some thought into it and aren’t just aiming for spectacle it should be good.

The Searchers - First movie I’ve seen in a couple of months as I’d gone through a phase of phatigue. Anyway this was incredible to look at, but otherwise unsalvageably dated. I know art should be judged by its time, but even if I were to overlook the horrible racism, it just wasn’t all that great of a movie. It felt like two movies glued together awkwardly - a brutal Western about John Wayne’s obsession over finding his niece and a screwball comedy set in the wild wild west where the lead and his sidekick are both complete assholes. It was tonally uneven with lots of terrible acting performances - especially Natalie Wood. She was awful beyond words in her few brief scenes.

Not exactly a movie but I am binge watching the 5 episodes of series 5 of Money Heist or Casa de Papel. Watch it in original Spanish with subtitles. Just sounds more authentic.


It’s claimed that the Wachowskis brothers originally had the matrix using human minds to help make up its illusion of the world, but studio execs worried that the audience wouldn’t understand it, and insisted it be changed to batteries (even if, as you point out, it makes no sense).

Would have made more sense if the robots were more human/organic. Yeah, I can imagine the studio heads shaking their heads at the pitch for that movie. Will Smith talks about turning down the roll of Neo on his channel. Like the guys at the studio he just wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Joke’s on Will Smith though. He went on to do Wild Wild West instead.

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The Green Knight (2021) I liked this one a lot. Great atmosphere and cinematography, excellent acting by Dev Patel as usual, haunting string score, imaginative twist on an ancient legend. Typical quality A24 film, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite film companies. I’m a bit tired, so I won’t go into more detail, but I’d recommend checking it out, especially if you’re into Arthurian legend and that sorta thing. 8.5/10

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