What movies are you watching? (2021)

The masterful way the tension and dread just keep ratcheting up, and ratcheting up, and ratcheting up in the second half of the movie has never been matched.

Yeah, Netflix only had the dog version, named is Alien 3: Collector’s Edition. I was kind of put off by that, but I assumed they just needed something different?

I think I still have to watch Predator with Arnie and Predator 2 with Daniel Glover. I remember watching The Predator awhile ago, but forgot whether I liked it or not. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the first Alien vs Predator directed by Paul WS Anderson as I am a big fan of his works.

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It is a bit camp, but very 80s action movie. Everyone gets a one liner. Great shots, one of the actors went on to be director Shane Black. Jean Claude van Damme almost played the alien, which would have changed the world as we know it. Worth a watch before the ‘Predators’ movie (with Adrian Brody, and a fantastic ensemble cast)

Yes! Bringing back genre star Lance Hendrikson and with that fight scene at the end. With a little flavour of The Thing from John Carpenter, that was a good one!

This song is ‘Get to the choppa’, by an Arnie themed metal band #predator :slight_smile:

Raya and the Last Dragon. I enjoyed it.

Prisoners was a good movie.


Paul Dano has come a long way!

Yes, it is. Still wonder about that ending… ends on a very ambiguous and suspenseful note like ‘Inception.’ I did think there was a couple weird stylization points with the Detective Loki character though.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm - Never saw the first one but I thought it was hilarious. The Tom Hanks and Kevin Spacey jokes were genius and Rudy Giuliani :rofl: :sick: :sick: :sick:.

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Spoiler: some say that Cobb’s totem is not the spinning top (which was his wife’s totem) but his wedding ring (which we see only whenever Cobb is dreaming). In which case the last scene brings a clear resolution… if you subscribe to the theory that the wedding ring is his totem.

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I watched this movie called His House. It was ok. Nothing special but the overall plot is definitely interesting and different than most horror films formulas for western movies. Something to watch when bored for sure.

I’ve tried to watch it, but for some reason Amazon Prime isn’t working for me in Taiwan :disappointed:

Oh and see the first one. I’ve never laughed as much as I have in a theater watching it.

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No idea about netflix, but the only Alien 3 you need to watch is the so-called Assembly Cut, which is on that wonderful Quadrology boxed set. Runs ca 30 mins longer and makes for a vastly better film.

Also, Predator 2 is one of the most underrated sequels ever. Hilarious, if sometimes campy, fun that never lets up.


I’d say the same about the 2010 Predators, with Adrian Brody and Lawrence Fishburn.

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I’ve watched this 5 or 6 times now. Love it. I don’t know why, it’s got some horrible reviews…but it’s just so perfect in many ways. 2047 got bumped to second place on my top ten list.

edit: 2049, bladerunner…Doh!

Well it is not bad per se, but it does lack the manic energy of P2. In any case, vastly preferable to the turd that is The Predator (2018).


And Danny Trejo, and Walton Goggins (who is amazing), Topher Grace, Mahersala Ali, and event last three abductees are familiar from other things; Robert Rodriguez wrote the original script and produced! This movie is underrated.

I liked Tenet, but I had read enough before going in that I knew I had to pay attention. If someone’s brain isn’t ready for this movie (for one reason or another) it will be a mess to process!

Not familiar with this one. I used to have 2046, before I got rid of my old China DVDs; it was quite good

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But, if you’re browsing here 'cos you’re looking for something to watch, try Counterpart. It’s 2 seasons, essentially a spy show with sci-fi themes. I was hooked from the first show.

After watching it, and realizing the reason it was canceled…just couldn’t believe.

Brilliant show.

You what?!?!?! :eek:

There is a new edition of Wong Kar-wai’s greatest hits in high definition. Imagine Tony Leung in all his 4k beauty…

2046, Mood for love, Chunking Express, Fallen Angels, Happy Together… Some got limited release on movie screens here in Taiwan.

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Fantastic show; really unfortunate it fell through the cracks and got nowhere near the attention it deserved. I recommended it over in last year’s TV thread.

Do note, however, this is a movie thread, and there’s a different 2021 TV thread.

This one, I guess?

I see box sets like this and wonder, hmm, should I finally invest in a Blu-Ray player? Maybe, like buying an umbrella guarantees it’ll stop raining, buying a Blu-Ray player will guarantee the Criterion Channel will finally start streaming here, and I’ll never use the Blu-Ray player anymore.

Since we’ve mentioned series, I recently went through the Night Manager, a 6-episode miniseries based on a novel by Le Carré (who passed away last year, goddamnit!). First time I see Hugh Laurie in another role than House, with a convincing performance as an arm dealer (and also a great cast choice with Olivia Colman who brings a nice contrast to the otherwise Jamesbondesque glamour cast). The series is nothing new but delivers a nice dose of tension throughout, which is what you’re looking for with Le Carre. Also, easier to follow than other Le Carré’s adaptation (I feel I still need to rewatch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy a third time)

…and also, speaking of Tenet, looks like Debicki has found her calling acting as a criminal’s trophy wife lol