What movies are you watching (2022)

Stylish, what a cast! I almost missed Timothy Olyphant. Good, not great (tries too hard, and something doesnt click); I see the reviews are quite low but it isn’t that bad

Saw a bunch of 60s/70s movies over the weekend:

  1. The Seduction of Inga (1968)

“Porn” before there was porn. The actress who stars in it is really hot, but other than that not much happens.

  1. Caged Heat (1974)

Women in prison movie… directed by Jonathan Demme! It was the first movie he ever directed. Very boring overall.

  1. The Baby (1973)

I loved this movie. I don’t want to describe the plot because that’ll ruin it. If you like weird movies you should watch this yesterday.

  1. Phase IV (1974)

Hyperintelligent ants are taking over the world! Super cheesy and the science-y conversations are hilarious. The primitive animation and random nature footage make it even better.

  1. Horror Hospital (1973)

Hammer-esque horror movie about… something? It really doesn’t make a lot of sense.



Uhhhh thought it was going to be just a couple of men living in a small town Island doing what old men do you know. Good but Hell! I need a freking valium and therapy after that Macabre. What does it all mean if anything.


Honestly, it’s the easiest thing to want to bet against James Cameron, but Avatar 2 was a phenomenal experience. Visually stunning and the closest thing I’ve ever seen from CG renders to photo-realism. The original was close, but this one could really fool you.

Watch it on the biggest screen you can, AND in 3D. Then watch it again with some edibles lmao.

The movie did not feel like 3 hours, more like 2. I couldn’t say the same with Babylon, which also clocks in at 3 but felt like 12.

Can’t emphasize how breathtaking the Pandora oceans look, and how immersive the underwater scenes are, pun intended.



The visuals seemed totally fake CGI or computer generator or whatever just distracting me from being interested in anything else.

So I guess the latest Avatar will be similar.

I’m imagining it to look like one of those fake fish aquariums that you display on your tv.

A movie everyone should watch, especially anti-choice republicans. One of the most powerful (and uncomfortable) viewing experiences I’ve had recently.

Btw, the author of the book upon which this movie is based, Annie Ernaux, won Nobel Prize this year.

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I appreciate the recommendation and It looked interesting until politics was brought into it so just tired of watching things that are poised as political.

It’s autobiographical. It’s not political at all unless you want it to be.

You made a movie recommendation political when you said this.


ALMOST bought tickets for Avatar 2 tomorrow. Then I thought about staring at blue cat people for 3+ hours. Naw.

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I still haven’t seen the first Avatar. James Cameron just isn’t my jam.

Well don’t watch it then, if you are that sensitive.

Royal Flash

Movie based on one of the books in the Flashman series.

Maybe it was better when it was released but not right now.

I’m so upset my eye is screwed up, so I won’t be able to watch it in HFR 3D.

Maybe they will show it again before the third or I can see it on a high end VR headset eventually.

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Avatar 2

Sigourney Weaver says she learned to hold her breath for 6 and 1/2 minutes in training for filming of the movie.

Are those at the popcorn counter

I saw it when it was released. It wasn’t.
Problem was they tried to do it as farce, which the Flashman books weren’t.

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The cutting edge. Trying to pick up tips for walking on sidewalks when it’s raining.

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Watched Avatar 2. They should’ve called it revenge of the dead rather than the way of the water.

IIRC, bring a hockey stick to lean on, careful of your toe pick

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I’m making some personalized walking sticks. They sort of look like clubs and the ball at the top is a skull.