What movies are you watching (2024)

Liked this one way better than the Statham movie Beekeeper mentioned above. Not too over the top fighting scenes and some quite intense moments.

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Blade Runner Final Cut is on Netflix, and it is kind of an Easter story, and I had a very productive day so I’m gonna close the computer


I heard either the directors cut or the final cut ruins it by adding all kinds of voiceovers to explain what Ford’s character is thinking which you hardly need and totally ruin the mood. Thoughts?

Wasn’t it the other way with the narration? The original cut had narration that made Deckard’s thoughts clearer, which the studio insisted on adding, and Scott never liked. BUT I believe one of the director’s or final cuts - or both - does make it much clearer that Deckard is a replicant (something about the origami unicorn?), whereas the original leaves that ambiguous.

A reddit thread that goes into the narration: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladerunner/comments/rzp8mz/the_narration_cut/

there we go, I’m an idiot, epic


Figured it was director or final because usually they add a lot of runtime and such, but guess I got that backwards

Zombieland is also new on Netflix

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Just watched this. Violent, yes, but it’s really well shot, love the cinematography and makeup.

The real title is Avengement.

Is that a real world? Isn’t the word, “revenge”?

I liked him in The Debt Collector


But is it a word, was the question

I googled it. It is, just very uncommon

It is in the dictionaries it seems, but rarely used.


I asked chatgpt to educate myself. I did not know the difference.

  1. Revenge: Revenge typically refers to the act of inflicting harm or punishment on someone as retribution for a perceived wrong or injury they have caused. It often involves a personal motive or desire for retaliation. Revenge can be driven by emotions such as anger, resentment, or a desire for justice from the individual seeking revenge.
  2. Avenge: Avenge, on the other hand, usually involves seeking retribution or justice on behalf of someone else who has been wronged. It often implies a sense of duty or obligation to right a perceived injustice, rather than personal vindication. Avenge is often used in the context of seeking justice or restoring honor for a person, group, or principle.

In summary, revenge is more personal and driven by emotions, while avenging typically involves seeking justice or retribution on behalf of others or a principle.

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It’s so confusing!

Shogun, the remake on Disney+

So far feels true to the original.
Good acting and good visuals.

I remember watching the entire originnal my senior year in highschool in history class. Had an awesome history teacher.

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The Terror of Tiny Town

1938 cult classic

I am endeavoring to watch most* of the Best Picture nominees for 2024. I hadn’t seen any before this week. In the last two days, I’ve seen ‘The Holdovers’, and ‘Anatomy of a Fall.’ They’re both strong films for different reasons, but I definitely enjoyed ‘The Holdovers’ a lot more. Best film I’ve seen in months, maybe longer.

Next, I’ll watch ‘The Zone of Interest’, and then eventually get to ‘Oppenheimer’, ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’, ‘Poor Things’, and ‘Past Lives.’ When all is said and done, I’ll rank them, break down their positives and negatives, and give my grade for each.

(*- I don’t have sufficient interest in ‘Barbie’, ‘Maestro’, or ‘American Fiction’, but perhaps I can be persuaded)

The Zone of Interes is probably the best film of the decade thus far. Past Lives is also absolutely stunning.

American Fiction is hilarious. I definitely recommend it.

Barbie and Maestro can be skipped.

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What do all these film protagonists have in common? :thinking:

They’re all unreliable narrators! :man_detective: Can you name all the movies they’re in?

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American Psycho, Fight Club, Taxi Driver, Rashomon, Sixth Sense … Diabolique (?) …, Forrest Gump, Gone Girl, Memento, Shutter Island, The Lovely Bones (?), Joker, Dr. Caligari, … currently driving me nuts, but no goddamnit … Usual Suspects.

That was fun.

eta: Detour