What movies are you watching (2024)

Imo, I’d replace Forrest Gump with the protagonist from ‘Life of Pi.’

This one is Atonement. Great movie about the consequences of false accusations.

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Ah. Atonement. I have not seen that. I’ll check it out, though, thanks.

Yeah Forrest was more dim than unreliable. Rashomon is on your list, ok, but I might replace Hanks with one of the three protagonists in The Last Duel. Maybe de Carrouges, because his core brutality was so leavened by unwitting comedy.

Anyway, fun game!

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How Taiwan Is Helping Filmmakers Explore the Boundaries of Cinema (msn.com)

Sasquatch Sunset

Mocumentary year of the life. Lite entertainment.

Love Lies Bleeding

It’s got ummm, love on steroids, murder on steroids, giant lesbians on steroids, pick-up trucks, Kristen Stewart.

Jia Zhangke (贾樟柯) is back! His latest film Caught by the Tides offers another sweeping look at transformations in the PRC, this time from the Beijing Olympics through to the COVID emergency. I have not seen this film but I’d jump at the chance to do so. In my view, Jia is among the best of the best.



Be patient, didn’t it just debut at the Cannes film festival or something

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Yup, that’s absolutely correct, Jia’s new film is on my radar, but not yet on the screens of Taiwan’s theatres.


I put on Lift, a Kevin Hart movie on Netflix. Seems the Netflix movie generating algorithm is now making movies based on movies made from the algorithm. Meta derivative.