What music are you listening to? (music edition)

The Grateful Dead absolutely butchered it as a cover tune. I believe they only played it twice, once in 1969 and once in 1990. Both versions sung by the :musical_keyboard: player. Both guys died after performing the entire song. Normally the late 1980s Dead would tack on the NAnana part to their version of Dear Mr. Fantasy, a better cover tune for them. Sometimes it would be eerie hearing 18,000 people going Hey-ay Juuuude at once.

But yeah, I have it on wax but it’s not nearly the best thing on that album. Let alone the radio.

Coldplay goes Back to the Future with Michael J Fox on guitar


Less hand, more face version -

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Amazing to watch the drummer and this song it’s a long time


Lunch break listen


Life imitates art imitates life imitates art.

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Lunch break listen

Bogota vibes